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    Poll: Warhammer 40k Books, which one to go for next?

    Since no one else has I recommend Enforcer. It really sheds light on the role the that the more basic levels of law play in the Impuerium. Nowhere near as good as Eseinhorn and Revanor are but it makes for a good read.
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    Kmart Unveils Sweet Game Deals for Black Friday

    Why do I have to work during that time. :( They also have Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and NSF The Run for $35 and $40 each.
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    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

    I bought the game today...and found out I lost my ps3 controller...I can't buy one cause I bought the game...*cries in corner*
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    Handling the closure of this generation of Consoles

    I'm sure someone will have a torrent up for it. I'm against piracy when the devs get money but in this case there is a good reason. One, is it's the only way to experience it. Two, is that the devs won't get any money from any copies you manage to find and buy. Three, the devs made an experience...
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    Dante Kicks It Old School In Devil May Cry HD Collection

    PC release?...DMC 4 got one so this should to I hope.
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    Get a PSP Slim(2000 Model) then Flash it with Custom Firmware. That way you can play UMDs from other regions as well as play any old PS1 era games you might have laying around.
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    Team Bondi Employees Owed Over $1 Million

    Well the second it's on PC and it runs well there going to get alot of sales. Me included.
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    Heavy Rain Creator: "The U.S. Has Problems With My Games"

    I've been meaning to play both Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain but I never get around to finding a copy. I'm not actively searching though so that's probably why.
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    Poll: Do Gif Avatars Annoy You?

    I love them when there done right.
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    Red Orchestra: Why snipers?

    Sniping is about the best reason why I would play RO. However I have yet to because money :(.
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    WH40K Books to read for a new guy

    SPACE WOLFS....READ THE SPACE WOLFS OMNIBUSES. BEST BOOKS EVAR.* *Okay the Black Company books are better but these are a awesome 2nd.
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    Poll: Is LoL's community really that bad?

    I tried to play the game. Looked fun but first match I played after bots I didn't do something right and 2 people left saying they aren't gonna play with noobs and then the other team crushed us in no time. I gave up after 3 more matches that went sort of the same way.
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    Watch Ice-T Unbox Gears of War 3

    Maybe he is gonna hit up a churchs chicken for the devs?
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    Have A Look At The Deus Ex "Missing Link" DLC

    If it's very story heavy...then it should have been in the game.
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    Can anyone tell me whats wrong with Steam?

    Steam needs to work on it's offline mode and it's patching system..other then that it is perfectly fine and awesome.