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    Poll: Poll: How would you feel about the legalisation of ALL drugs (with some restrictions)?

    As i see it, there is one massive problem with the legalisation of hard drugs, atleast in Denmark where we have a Tax funded social velfare system, that pays for all healthcare, AND support those unable to work. So while i belive people should be alowed to fuck themself up on chemicals if...
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    Audio: What headphones do you use?

    Im currently useing Sennheisers Pc 360 G4ME, connected to a Asus Xonar D2X. Will recommend it to anyone, sound quality is just awsome!
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    Resurrect the cartdridges!

    At this point in time, MLC nand flash memory costs to the tune of roughly 0,6$ for a gigabyte. Now, the thing about nand flash memory is that the added cost when incraseing the size is almost liniar, which means twice the size is twice as expensive. So, say you wanna make a cartridge to...
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    Scientists Successfully Harvest Energy from a Cockroach

    Anyone who cant see the potential and/or usefullness of this technology have a realy poor imagination imho... Sure, it might to be to usefull on a roach, but imagen if the technology can be adapted to work on humans. Artificial limbs or organs all require an electrical power source.
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    Apple Voted Largest Influence On Gaming Industry

    complete and utter bullshit! steve jobs and the iphone dosnt even have a place in the survay of what has had largest influence on the gaming industry. also, was it a convention for mentaly disabled game devs or what, the Wii is second on the list... So the Wii has more of an impact on...
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    Need input on my prospective custom PC build

    @Treblaine That would be the GTX 560Ti or the GTX 570 Both offer realy good performance/price ratios, and handle tessellation well... They also scale super well in SLI (upwards of 90% gain), but if you know for a fact that you will do SLI i would go for the GTX 570's as they have notisably...
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    Need input on my prospective custom PC build

    Seriously Tubez, if you dont know what your talking about then dont give advice... The 560Ti DCII cooler is 2 (TWO) slot, just like refrence. Its only the bigger models that use the stupid 3 slot design.
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    Need input on my prospective custom PC build

    Also, the refrence design cooler for the 560Ti cards (and lower models aswell) are center fan solid heatsink designs (just like the DCII), and will exhaust just as much hot air inside the case.,O-6-278214-13.jpg Only the 570s and 580s...
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    Need input on my prospective custom PC build

    Find me a link to where Asus do not recomend useing them in SLI mate... Seriously, it is _NOT_ a problem atall... if you have a case with good airflow. i know people that run GTX 580 Lightning's in SLI, heavily overclocked without issue... look up the card if you dont know what the cooler...
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    Need input on my prospective custom PC build

    Meh, so do most custom coolers these days Tubez... It isnt a problem unless you use an airtight box for your system :P Only refrence coolers exhaust _mostly_ out the rear. Also, the 560Ti doesn't run that hot anyways...
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    Need input on my prospective custom PC build

    Dhael, the stuff i liked is not a "top tier rig", not in my world anyways... Its a value for money build with an eye for quality, upgradeability and overclocking potential. Its also cheaper then his budget of 1500 dispite shelling out extra for a super high quality PSU. CPU: Intel i5...
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    Need input on my prospective custom PC build

    Many flaws in that build im afraid... in no particular order: gtx550 is a relatively weak gpu, recomended minimum for a gaming rig would be a GTX 560Ti Motherboard and cpu are not compatable cpu is the older type socket 1366 i7 that is about to be phased out in favor of socket 2011 800w...
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    Landlord sued for disallowing medical pets

    wtf at all the "dogs damage property" comments? Theres a huge diffrence between dogs in terms of how they behave, and how large they are! Its not like the girl will have an emotional support pitbull or rottweiler.
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    How long will this PC last without having to upgrade?

    No it wasnt, but i consider posting in Danish on a english site to be quite rude ;) Also, buying top notch parts whont realy make your investment last longer! going from second to first tier components costs ALOT extra, but does not run that much faster. For gaming, the diffrence in...
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    How long will this PC last without having to upgrade?

    2600k and a GTX580 is about as good as it gets currently, without going into insane budgets and SLI, and will run ANY game comming out this year(and most likely next year to) on max setting without breaking a sweat. That said, its neigther the most bang for your buck, nor is it the longest...