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    Your thoughts on... Porn and the Porn industry.

    There is legitimate problems with using it. People will search for more and more deviant types of porn because their sex-drive is rapidly waning. People in their mid twenties are getting erectile dysfunction. Loss of motivation due to low testosterone. Corrupting the concept of intimacy, it's...
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    What's the most disgusting piece of media (contentwise) you've enjoyed?

    Fathers Day. A film from your friends at the Troma company. I don't think I can describe the plot without being reported.
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    What are you drinking right now?

    Boiled water. I want to relax like a tea and hydrate.
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    Are you amazing at any particular game? If so, what separates you from a "merely good" player?

    I'm good enough to beat my friends at chess, smash brothers and league of legends. I don't consider myself amazing, but they do, sometimes, after drinking too much, claim that I'm a dirty player and "this isn't fun anymore".
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    Poll: Which franchise has a larger fanbase, Fallout or Metal Gear Solid?

    Revolves around a soldier with the most 80's American war hero name next to Rambo, taking orders over radio, fighting terrorists and foreign countries or something. Not saying it looks like a Battlefield or CoD, I've just never been interested in it.
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    Poll: Which franchise has a larger fanbase, Fallout or Metal Gear Solid?

    Fallout. Why Fallout? Anything involving modern military just looks dull to me.
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    Things in entertainment you'd like to see stop

    I hope you don't mean an ending like Soprano's, because I thoroughly enjoyed that. It didn't come to a clumsy forced stop like so many others. For me, I want animes to stop using extremely awkward scenes. I mean it make sense if the point of the anime is a socially disconnected person, but if...
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    I think we stole a cat - What would you do?

    Seems like you've done more for the cat then they ever did, and are more emotionally invested. Strange question to ask on this board though. So what did everybody think of the new season of Bojack Horseman?
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    Hothead Gamer Flips Out, Burns Warhammer Fantasy Army

    That is just so metal.
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    Books you think are good.

    American Gods, Meditations, Brave New World. Most of George Orwell's books, Road to Wigan Pier I couldn't get more then half way through though, this was many years ago.
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    Weird Advice Your Parents Give You

    "Stop reading books, you'll take the fun out of everything."
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    Poll: iiiiiim back

    This reveal better be worth the ten minutes reading that wall of text OP.
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    Youtube personalities

    Well I watch Skweezy Jibbs on his channel 'skweezy'. He gives really great insights, such as HOW TO HAVE FUN IN THA RECESSION and even dating tips with HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN. I also enjoy Masaokis on his channel 'masaoHF'. I learn a lot of great recipes, and how people can live in houses...
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    Poll: How Will You Be Re-Watching The Star Wars Movies?

    I'll play the new Battlefront then watch the new Star Wars when it comes to DVD. I've seen the original three too many times from being a young boy with the VHS boxset living in the middle of Nowheresville, and while I don't detest the prequels I don't think they are worth rewatching.
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    Poll: Would you watch gladiatorial combat?

    Nah, I'd rather pass up on the 250$ entrance fee to play video-games. I could pirate the death-match, but it's just not the same if I'm not in the 'splash zone'. Crucidius Endomitus killing that guy on Jimmy Fallon last week was hilarious though, if he wins I'll definitely check out the...