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    40 hour famine?

    Hey guys, I'm planning on doing 40 hour famine this year, but I'm not sure what to give up. As the name suggessts, you give up something for 40 hours, and people sponsor you for it - its a charity. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Also, I gave up electronic devices last year, so I don't...
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    Games designing?

    Yeah that's the part I'm unsure of. I have very close to 0 artistic skill whatsoever, so I'm really only restricted to the either the coding or the project management side of games designing, unless there's another aspect of video games designing that doesn't involve art design or music (I...
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    Games designing?

    Hey Escapees, I'm in my last year of high school right now, and right about now, I need to decide what course I want to do in university. I'm stuck in a rut between software engineering and games designing, and I was wondering if you guys could give me the pros and cons of each course. I can't...
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    Mandatory Physical Education

    I thought that PE was one of my more fun classes, even though I am absolutely atrocious at any physical activity. Maybe the act of throwing a ball at someone's face was very stress relieving? Btw, PE was compulsory for me from year 7 - 10 (Australian standards).
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    how do American and British universities compare?

    That sounds so incredibly laid back. Looks like I'm moving to Germany after I finish high school at the end of this year then, even though I don't speak the language. Australian university seems a little bit different that British and American universities. At the end of high school, everyone...
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    Games you admit playing on easy.

    I played Dance Central earlier today and yeah.... It hurts my pride so much D:
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    Feed Dump: Mullet Bandit and the Blondes

    All the lame jokes and awkward silences made me facepalm. Well done guys, you did your job! :D
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    Why are gamers so cheap? Should games cost more?

    Honestly, Americans only have to pay $60 for games. In Australia, we pay over $100 for our new games, which may have been fair enough back when the American dollar was stronger than ours, but nowadays, that's absolute crap. Either Australians should only have to pay $60 (the better option), or...
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    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Australia

    Australia is similar to Russia in the fact that the climate makes it extremely difficult for foreigners who aren't used to it adapt. However, our population density is extremely high around the coast, so I suppose that isn't a big deal. On a serious note, not much is known about the Australian...
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    The OH-COME-ON-NOW Moment

    Anytime you get ambushed in a SMT game....
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    A new graphics card?

    Hi Escapees, I'm thinking of upgrading the graphics card on my computer for gaming, but I have no idea about what's good and what's bad. I was wondering if you guys/girls could suggest a good video card to get. Preferably, I'm looking for a graphics card that: 1) Is from a fairly reputable...
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    Shows which died before their time

    Better Off Ted anyone? Seriously, that show was hilarious.
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    Poll: Best FPS ever?

    Team Fortress 2 all the way. It's just a break from all the serious business that FPS' try to do.
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    To kill a God

    You become a half demon after the world enters a apocalyptic phase called "The Conception", in which the world is to be reborn and reshaped by the values believed by selected human. You disagree with everyone else's ideas, and battle Lucifer to gain control of the demon army to battle God with...
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    How do you say Melee?

    I've always said Me-Lee