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    So People Are Noticing That Overwatch And Team Fortress 2 Are Quite Similar

    Dota was a mod for war3, not dev'd by blizz. That's why no one is crying 'rip-off'... pretty sure a lot of the original dota guys went to valve to work on their game.
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    Game Theory: What's Wrong with the AVGN?

    As a gamer who grew up in the late 80's and early 90's world of gaming. I was pleasantly surprised to find the AVGN in 2012. Tons of heart in his videos.... be it some times angry last spasms of hearts that have exploded from trying to beat silver surfer... Anyone who wants to know about the...
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    The Language of Game Development

    What language to learn is a weird question and yes, I'm sure people who have passion but don't know much about programming ask it a lot... I know I did. I love your recommendation to get into some kind of modding. This is a great way to introduce important concepts like instantiation...
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    FCC Turns Around On Net Neutrality With "Faster Lane" Rules - Update

    Shocking how much work the government is doing to ensure that ISP shareholders will see dividends that return slightly higher percentages.
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    No Right Answer: Is Game of Thrones Overrated?

    Game of thrones is a modern day take on the rocky and bullwinkle show. Segmented neatly to keep your brain from asking too many questions. R+B were better though since they played to the audience knowing what they were. There are so many stories going on, you cut to the next scene with...
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    Duke Nukem 3D - No Longer the King, Baby

    Really wished we could have touched more on multiplayer. My friends and I found this game installed on all the comp-sci computers at my high school in 2003. Instead of learning about loops, classes, instantiation, we spent class blowing up each other on huge multiplayer bouts. I am now a...
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    The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Goes To Steam Early Access

    I remember paying $20 to have the honor to play in the WoW stress-test beta... which lasted maybe 2 weeks, and that was 7 or 8 years ago? The idea of charging for beta is nothing new but I don't think it works as well for barely known titles
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    South Park As A Gated Community

    Bob, not sure why i'm writing this. I don't think you'll be able to read it from upon high. =P South Park is still one of the most thoughtful, smart, and brilliant shows on TV... name me a more cut-throat and competitive market. Comparing the directions other animated legacy shows like the...
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    League of Legends Developer Shows How Raging Loses Games

    I find games always go better when people keep there cool. It's just more stressful when someone starts screaming about FEEEEEEDERRRR!!!!! 3 minutes into a game. I wish if Riot wants to go this route, they could give some more concrete data than, "trust us, ragers lose more."
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    How to Talk About Games #1

    Oh boy! A new comic! Let me get my reading glasses.
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    Zynga To Close OMGPop For Good By September

    grats to whoever got the check for 200 mil. gotta milk this stupid cash cows while you can
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    Earthbound Designer Explains What The Game Means To Him

    Love this game. I thought I knew everything about video games and couldn't be surprised growing up, but this game offered a very unique experience.
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    Vivendi May Be About To Squeeze Activision Blizzard For Billions

    being publicly traded is a harsh mistress.
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    Batman and Superman "Facing Off" in Man of Steel Sequel

    Article title should be: "Movie studio plays safest bet possible to continue milking audiences that like shiney things" I'm not opposed to the idea, but I'd wager there's a 90% chance we get a movie that's part godzilla vs. mothra, and part the odd couple/grumpy old men. My gripe is it...
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    World of Warcraft Confirms Microtransactions

    The Blue mentions that Blizzard thinks people would appreciate being able to buy special mounts and pets in game. I'm not sure about that. If one of the main reasons for playing an MMO from blizzard is to be immersed in the World of Warcraft, why would you want a NPC to ask you to cough up real...