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    Best Character Introductions

    Daniel Craig's Bond in "Casino Royale" is pretty awesome. Establishes a new Bond for a new, more jaded audience quickly and jarringly, but with a lot of satisfaction. Also, almost any villain ever. And because I'm a sucker for Garrus, Garrus in ME2.
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    Poll: New Doctor Who - what should they change?

    Idris Elba/David Morrisey would be a cool choice - one of those actors you could believe would be able to bring the universe to it's knees but chooses not to. I love Smith, but I feel he have to work up to that point over a long period. I want the Doctor that necessitates the Silence.
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    Operation: Goliath (N7 Challenge weekend)

    3 million plus brutes but only thousands of people managed to complete the Silver challenge? That is most interesting. May I say that, as one of the victorious, Banshees are too damn hard. The Banshee/Ravager combo is freaking devastation
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    Your favourites of the Mass Effect series' squad members.

    Got to say team dextro kicks all sorts of ass. Mix in a little Thane and Legion and throw in some Grunt for CQC and I am all set. Sounded a lot more South African than Jamaican to me.
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    Escapist Podcast: Bonus: Mass Effect 3 With Spoilers Part 2

    Isn't that the truth. Check yourself mate. Excellent podcast guys, nice to hear new perspectives and get insight into different events from my game - for example, I had no idea Tali would just straight jump off that cliff, very interesting.
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    If you had to pick 3 game characters for an all coming zombie apolcalypse

    Leon S Kennedy (Resident Evil series) Probably the only one in the RE series that knows what the hell he is doing. Plus the morale boost from terrible one-liners. Garrus (Mass Effect series) They'll never get close, plus he is a tactical genius. Also, combined with Leon's humor, I...
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    Any GOOD fanfics out there?

    Agreed 100% on this one, I am currently reading that now and it is excellent. If you love you some Garrus and wanted to see what he was doing to become Archangel check it out.
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    Poll: mass effect: The council

    Saved the council, only to save the Ascension though. I thought that if the Reapers were coming, every dreadnought would count, especially the biggest, most powerful one. And Anderson, of course, even if he did leave his post later on.
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    Fans Tear New Mass Effect Book to Shreds

    True, except that Bioware just apologized for Deception on their website.
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    Mass Effect 3 Voice Cast Trailer Reveals New Faces

    Eh, I wouldn't worry too much about the characters they didn't show; I mean they didn't show Garrus, Kaiden/Ashley, or ManShep either...and I'm pretty sure those guys will be featured pretty prominently
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    Games that ramped up difficulty and dang near destroyed the experience

    Ain't that the truth...I saw that pre-fight cut-scene more then I care to admit. The weird part is that the game turns down the difficulty after that and never looks back - just a strange little spike for no particular reason.
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    Trailers: Resident Evil 6 - Official Trailer

    All that I needed to see in this trailer to get excited about the game was there in the first seconds - LEON MOTHERFing KENNEDY!!!! That man is the god-king of the RE universe. Just give me more Krauser in Mercs and I will preorder the damn thing now
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    BioWare Breaks Down Mass Effect 3 Game Modes

    I think this is a fine idea, so long as the RPG mode also has the option to increase difficulty via their old system; I like control over my story and enjoy challenging combat scenarios. As far as the other modes, it is perfect for people that love the ME universe but find the combat a bit much...
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    Your holy grail

    Go running, have sex, win something, find love...all natural right there. OT: Manned space travel to Jupiter's moons would be the nifty, but I think I will age myself out of seeing that dream Also, getting people to realize evolution isn't something that one can believe happens...
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    Hardest decision you've ever had to make in a Video Game?

    Mass Effect, choosing whether or not to focus fire on that bastard Sovereign. Mass Effect 2, Legion's loyalty mission.