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    13th Warrior: an under-rated classic?!

    It's main problem is that it was edited to shit before release. Several plot threads are initiated but left unresolved, scenes are chopped down to fit a specific run time, lots of footage gets re-used, etc. It was kind of mess production wise, and it bears all the markings of a movie with...
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    Shane Black Directing Predator Reboot - Update

    Fuck yeah, Shane Black. Seriously, I'm loving the choice. There isn't a Shane Black movie that I've watched and haven't enjoyed. I'm really curious to see what kind of angle he'll approach this from: either a straight up reboot or a soft boot like Predators. I'm thinking the latter, but...
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    Marty O'Donnell Fired From Bungie

    Yeah, Marty got fired from Bungie. Bungie put out a statement wording the event in slightly different terms and by quoting one of the key antagonists from Halo...
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    Check Your Privilege!

    Considering I'm waist-deep in debt, Hispanic, employed in an unpaid internship and overweight, I am surprised that I'm pretty privileged at 63/100. Neat. Also, I find that ending message just a tad bit condescending.
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    Sony Exec Admits He was Banned From MiiVerse for Promoting PlayStation

    I love Yoshida. They guy's pretty damn funny when he wants to be, and he's built a pretty good relationship with fans. The very fact that he's so open kind of makes him stand out to other executives.
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    GaymerX2 Convention Will Be the Last

    I feel like the biggest problem the convention had was itself. I know that the con was meant to be inclusive, so everybody was invited, gay and straight, but most won't see that way. They'll see the title and assume it's meant only for gay gamers. Not that the view is accurate, but that's the...
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    Rollercoaster Tycoon 4!

    To make it all worse, the microtransactions are all but confirmed: And Chris Sawyer isn't involved, despite Atari's claims that he is...
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    Positech Games Boss Calls For An End To Deep-Discount Sales

    But devs aren't entitled to money that I'm not willing to fork over for whatever reason I want. As much as you may not like it, consumers aren't going to care for anything short of their concerns over how well they think their money is spent. Personally, I go for discounts now because of how...
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer Shows off Narrative

    As long as the context works. That's really what matters. The story could be anything it wants, but if the game at least provides a proper context for the actions it asks you to take, then that's all it needs. Besides, the last thing I'm going to do is demand that the game be something it...
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer Shows off Narrative

    It's Wolfenstein. If it comes with that great, but as long as the mechanics work well, it really doesn't matter if it has "interesting characters" or not. Not every shooter has to be a Bioshcok.
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    Why are Rockstar games rated so highly by reviewers?

    Nice opinions. I think you're flat out wrong, but that's my opinion. Ok, no one should take you seriously if you're going to use an unreleased game to compare to an entire library from a particular dev.
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    Recommended original xbox games, (Besides Halo 1 and 2)

    Crimson Skies for some high-flying action. Urban Chaos: Riot Response for some shooty-action mixed with some social commentary. Freedom Fighters for being a great game and a pretty neat "Red Dawn" adaptation with a kickass score. Psi-Ops for some telekentic gibbing and brain-sucking powers...
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    Justified's Nick Searcy Goes Rage-Nuts On Twitter

    A petty Twitter argument makes headlines only because game journos got involved with two personalities known quite well for their political stances. Still watching Justified, though. If I refused to see the work of anyone I saw was unpleasant in real life, I'd have nothing left to watch.
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    Amazing Spider-Man 2's Green Goblin Revealed at Toy Fair

    It's a comic book. If it's silly to begin with, then why not stick with the inherent silliness and go all out. Nolan's batman movies were kind of a fluke, but that's only because they decided to completely roll with the focus on Batman's psychology for that. These new Spider-man movies try to...
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    47% of Australian Gamers Are Female

    I was basically just about to post this. I don't think two categories of gamers exists any longer. It should be: Casual Mainstream Hardcore That's a spectrum that is way more agreeable that simply having the first and the last. Now you can label those who play purely the mobile and...