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    Your Most Harrowing Boss Fight In Gaming

    Save Solaire in your next game. Jolly cooperation makes Gwyn a chump.
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    Your Most Harrowing Boss Fight In Gaming

    Probably that rage demon at the start of the mage storyline in DA:O.
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    Elemental: Fallen Enchantress

    I've been aware of this game for some time and have been keeping an eye out for it. Kind of sounds too good to be true though, and I'm not betting on lightning striking twice for me like it did with Warlock. Also isn't Stardock the one owned by that absolute bastard who treats his employees like...
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    The Steam/Valve arguement, (Question! not starting a flame war)

    For me, the insane sales cover all the bases, even the negative ones. The mandatory client, TOS, etc are all valid reasons. They are also why I never ever pay full price for a game on Steam. It's an inferior product with all this baggage, so I will pay less to reflect that. I'm also a cheap...
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    Poll: UESP vs Elder Scrolls Wiki

    For random 10 second searches for things like "Where in hell is this npc supposed to be" the wikia one works just fine for me. Those fucking WoW ads absolutely destroyed the steam browser though.
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    Frog Fractions

    I have no idea what is going on in this game and I am slightly terrified.
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    Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss now released for consoles! (No Spoilers Here)

    ...I know, that's why its broken and frustrating as hell every time I see my arrow hit the wall or the floor. The PC has had all these things from day 1 I believe.
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    Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss now released for consoles! (No Spoilers Here)

    Not being able to aim more than 15 degrees down and your arrows hitting the door frame or railing or whatever even if your crosshair is perfectly clear of any obstruction.
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    Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss now released for consoles! (No Spoilers Here)

    They didn't fix the broken first person bow mechanics? Figures.
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    Just started Morrowind for the first time this weekend....

    My left pinkie still cries in terror every single time this game is mentioned. Say whatever you want about the later Elder Scrolls, they weren't sadistic enough to force you to hold down ctrl to sneak. Morrowind has an epic setting, but I just can't deal with all those old ass mechanics.
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    elder scrolls online alpha review

    Jesse has always been an overly optimistic sort. The brand alone wasn't enough to save TOR, the brand alone won't be enough to save this game either.
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    New Game Helps Children With Anger Management

    Good for them, teaching kids that its not even ok to get mad at something you do by yourself where you can hurt no one, better bottle up ALL the rage.
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    I gots 20 steam dollars and I dont know what to do with it.

    Wait a month and a half for the xmas sale. Then get something normally more expensive.
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    Dragon Age III Details

    Kotor 2 was done by Obsidian, not Bioware. The only one with less character development in the original Kotor was T3.
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    EU Slams Microsoft Over Lack of Browser Choice

    For now it doesn't. If Microsoft succeeds at turning Windows into a closed platform, they can exclude whatever the hell they like without consequence.