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    Resident Evil Mansion Rebuilt In Halo: Reach

    Are there other Halo Reach replica maps? I really love the Spencer mansion. I wonder if there are other replicas from other games. (i.e. a Pokemon stadium, part of Shadow Moses, etc)
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    Resident Evil Mansion Rebuilt In Halo: Reach

    Download: Check. Wreck zombie killing havoc: In session...
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    Team Meat and Microsoft: Friends Forever!

    Updates? As in characters from the PC version?! :D
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    Name Game: Robutt Arms

    Oh man Extra Credits O: I have to catch up with that. What's worse is when on launch day a parent would demand you to manifest Halo Reach for the Nintendo Wii... Yeah that was the longest hour my manager and I ever had >_>
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    BioWare Letting Fans Choose Mass Effect 3's FemShep

    1 or 5. Just cause number 1 looks like short hair Natalie Portman :P
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    Only 1,000 Sonic Fans Will Get This Nifty 20th Anniversary Statue

    I'd drop a stack for that!
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    Name Game: Double Trouble

    I guess this officially makes us the masochist and Nintendo the sadist. Such a relationship goes hand in hand with whip. lol I swore I wouldn't get 3DS (almost did for Snake Eater) but then they just HAD to drop the bomb with Smash Bros D: Let the whipping commence! (&%$# what was the...
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    Anti-DRM Group Sends Nintendo 200 Bricks

    I actually like that idea. Say you go to Nintendo World and ask to go to the back room and ask nicely to unbrick your system... for a price, obviously. And then you can go on your merry way and buy the game you tried to pirate (you are in Nintendo World so why not do it then)
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    Daily Drop: Pudding Condom

    That was... actually quite entertaining :D
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    Hideo Kojima Tells Square-Enix to Remake FF7

    Just tell me the Versus XIII release date already. I don't really care much for FFVII, I'd rather play games that aren't 1. Reboots and 2. Remakes. -___-
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    Trailer: Dark Souls Smashing Boulders Through Skulls in October

    Time for Demon Souls (+ voice chat)! Now I just need to convert some relatives/friends to this game...
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    Trailers: Dark Souls: Release Announcement

    HERE'S MY MONEY! TAKE IT, TAKE IT NOW!!! Time for Demon Souls (+ voice chat)! Now I just need to convert some relatives/friends to this game
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    Sony Admits Private PSN Info Has Been Stolen - All Of It

    This is why I go with prepaid cards. It's such a hassle dealing with giving out credit card information to a company.
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Arms Race

    Somebody watches LK's Yugioh abridged... in America :D
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    Raccoon Suit Confirmed for Super Mario 3DS

    Oh look I am genuinely surprised by this confirmation... -___- Variety is greatly welcomed, recycling is not!