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    Working For a Living

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    This is How You Fix RPG Sidequests

    I was gonna post this. Sending a "Lawful Good" party member to solve a crime will give a different solution that sending the "Chaotic Neutral" one. Quest completion will still be achieved, but in the first instance the criminal might get apprehended and the villagers avenged, and in the second...
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    Music that brings you to tears

    Believe it or not, but I once actually shed tears when listening to the Lord of the Rings OST, specifically Into the West.
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    139: Auspicious

    Could you post that crystal exposition? I smell another Lorem Ipsum incoming.
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    No Man's Sky Disappointment

    It could never have lived up to the hype; procedural generation is by design repeatable and predictable, which means the core gameplay mechanic, i.e. exploration, will wear thin very quickly.
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    The Tao of Notch - Beyond Twitter

    Good read and, as far as I can tell, good interview.
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    Would you like to help me with a scientific study of gaming?

    Most (psychological) surveys have dud questions to check if the participants are consistent with themselves, afaik. OP, it was on the nose, but hopefully you can do something with the data :) Good luck.
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    Glorious War VS War is Hell

    This poem sums it up perfectly: The "Glorious War" myth has always been wielded by people who had the least to lose and the most to gain from conflict. Unfortunately, poor, uneducated and disenfranchised young men always pay the price.
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    What's keeping the West from making DOAX style games?

    Would you say that porn with game elements, or a game with porn elements isn't a game? Because there's plenty of both available on the internet for free. By comparison, pink literature isn't literature? A porno isn't a movie?
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    Keep all windows and curtains closed if they're in direct sunlight; open all windows at night to allow air flow. Keep hydrated, and wash your wrists, neck or ankles if you're feeling hot (where the blood vessels are closer to surface of your skin).
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    The whole holding-a-door-thing

    If you don't hold the door the skeletons get the kid!
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    Ranting Thread

    I wish some plastic packaging without special ziplocks or adhesive strips was easier to tear open by hand.
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    Latest Overwatch Patch Addresses Leave Penalty Bugs, Sudden Death Timers, Multiple Hero Fixes

    She's practically mandatory in higher ELO's (though I've seen competitive teams run 2 Lucio's instead). Whether you'll like to play as her is a different question.
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    Poll: The Food Dilemma - What is the King of Vegetables?

    TIL nothing is true, everything is a fruit. OT: grilled bell peppers are pretty good.
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    The EU referendum, my plan

    EU-Referendum: 1. Rebuild Detroit ... ok