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    Games that you can't believe nobody has made yet

    Half-Life 3 OH HO! Also, can't tell if title is technically double negative.
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    Trailers: Hitman: Absolution - Saints Trailer

    Seriously? Seriously? What the fuck?
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    Korean Officials Raid Blizzard

    Entitled gamers? Nah, SK just cares to stop BS practices.
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    About to get a ps3, needs advice

    Yeah, I concur. Why wouldn't you do that if you want to play the good classics? There's fuck all else reason to get a PS3 unless you want a brickable blu-ray player. This as well. Count up the prices and see if you can get both. You'll be set for a while.
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    Way Hay and Up the Dishonored E3 Trailer Rises

    Well I for one appreciate the pedantry. It's nice to see someone actually not be a dick about clarification. And I learned something today. All punk descends from cyberpunk. Thank you, Raiyan.
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    Green Lantern is Gay

    I would have said the exact same thing about the movie a year ago. So a million moms didn't change the sexuality of a guy wearing fabulous green tights? What a cryin' shame.
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    Trailers: Lollipop Chainsaw - Combat Trailer

    Close. Tyranid hive mind.
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    Trailers: Lollipop Chainsaw - Combat Trailer

    Your first thought was Batgirl? Aren't you missing one very important role she's played recently? And the fact that it didn't have the balls to just say fuck after showing off a girl in a cheerleader outfit dismembering flesh is tells me that it's not actually going to be that interesting.
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    Protaganists that would make great boss battles.

    Yeah, that depressive fucker just won't die. OD'd on a powerful drug and shot in the head. Captcha: Namby-pamby Oh, Captcha.
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    Advice for a writer

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    Advice for a writer

    It's all advertising. You could have the absolute best written work in human history and without proper marketing, you're not going anywhere. Quality is never the topic of discussion if you're not on 4chan. I've seen absolute tripe get glowing praise while I was doing my best not to vomit. Do...
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    Tips on making sure a PC stays cool over summertime?

    Overclocking is the only thing I can think of other than improper maintenance that would cause a PC to overheat. Really, if you have frequent black/brownouts, you need to get an uninterruptible power supply. I've had two PC's fried via immediate loss of power. A UPS will give you the time to...
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    Advice for a writer

    Does your book have a specific demographic you want to appeal to? Why is it 16 bucks and not $2.99? Why is it so long?
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    The Theory of Inverse Headphone Durability

    These little buds I got with my MP3 have lasted like 4 years. Not if you don't use Q-tips. And preferably not our ears.
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    Skyrim Metaphor?

    That one. That one for sure.