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    You have unlimited money. What car do you buy?

    This. Like... you can't ask for anything else. This will always be a better choice.
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    So can someone relieve my fear about the 21st?

    My kitchen calendar ended last December. I'm still here.
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    Half Life 2, why?

    Problem starts in the first sentence. You never played the first. Means you don't know what the story is about, who's who, why are they doing what they do. Nothing makes sense to you. Lets say you grab a great movie for the first time and watch just the last 20 minutes. Is it any good? Probably...
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    March Mayhem 2011 Is Over, Mojang Wins!

    This is the only thing that annoys me deeply. Mojang is yet to release their first full game and they win a popularity contest. I like minecraft but this made me lose all respect for whoever let mojang in on the March Mayem. don't count with my participation next year.
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    Why do people hate Mojang?

    Personally I don't hate Mojang. The only thing that annoys me is the fact they win a popularity contest against the greatest developers in the world, while they haven't even released the final version of their first game. It's a great achievement, and it's just a popularity contest but...
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    L4D Fans Reprogram Road Signs to "Zombies Ahead"

    You wouldn't. Tell me i wouldn't be the only one grabbing the shotgun from the trunk and keeping it closer on the front seat.
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    What country are you from?

    "What country are you from?" What? DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH IN WHAT?
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    Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

    Like... does this guy know how mods work? Does this mean I can write a terrorist plan on the back cover of a document or a book he wrote and then accuse him of supporting terrorist acts? Because... that's basically what he's going for. Hang on... that's actually a pretty decent idea. Does...
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    What did you do...BEFORE the internet?

    I've heard it still exist in some places. A few buddies of mine went on a quest to find this...wonderland, but never came back. I don't dare to follow in their footsteps. It's safer here. Personally i have faint memories of this "outside" but they are only vague recollections of random...
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    Lions and Tigers Play iPad Game for Charity

    at 0:55 That must have been one awesome Lan party!
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    Leaked Portal 2 Achievement Ignites Episode 3 Rumors

    That and hats. Valve pacing sure is crap but hey... they sure know how to make games. I keep playing all this regular off the shelf games over and over again and suddenly BAM! a valve game. That's really cool.
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    Undiscovered Planet May Be Hiding at the Edge of the Solar System

    Jeez... it's not a planet, it's a mass relay. The gravitational disturbance is caused by the huge mass effect field caused by the massive structure and it's element zero core. Ask any salarian, he will tell you.
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    Crysis 2 Dev Urges Fans Not to Pirate the Game

    I collapsed to the temptation of trying it and I downloaded it. I tried it for 15 minutes and then I stopped. I couldn't wait any longer, I had to pre-order the thing. I haven't had so much fun with a game in many years like I had for 15 minutes this morning. The first sequence got me hooked...
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    Steam, banning players for being generous?

    this all sounds like crap since I've done this before. And before doing it i actually contacted Steam support to know if there would be an issue in purchasing games to send to US friends and vice versa. Steam support told me there is no problem in that whatsoever. I've done it countless...
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    Mini Vader Dominates New Volkswagen Commercial

    One of the best pieces of stand up I have ever seen. Now you made me want to go watch it all over again! Thanks! ;)