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    Deadpool Will Get His Own Movie, Starring Ryan Reynolds

    Isn't this old news by now? I swear I heard this at least a month or so ago.
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    Report: Xbox One More Popular Than PS4 on Black Friday

    When I bought mine the other week both were about the same price, I think (Didn't do price comparison as my heart was set on an Xbone regardless).
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    Report: Xbox One More Popular Than PS4 on Black Friday

    It's kind of sad to see how many people feel the need to attack other gaming platforms just because they chose a certain one. Why is that? Do they feel it's a personal insult that someone thinks a different console is better? Personally I chose Xbox One this generation. I had a 360 last...
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    Telltale's Game of Thrones Adventure Game Launches Next Week - Update

    I bought Tales from the Borderlands today on Steam...Think I'll buy this one for Xbone though as selecting menu options with a mouse was a bit more difficult than it should have been since there's such a small time limit on deciding.
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    Doctor Who Hires Its First Female Writer in Six Years

    Also, I know most people weren't fond of DIM/EotD but I highly doubt they were written a year after they aired.
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    Don't Stop Me Now: Doctor Who Hits Its Stride This Week

    My god! Some people really do just feel like nit-picking everything, don't they? Even when they don't listen. The Doctor didn't teleport everyone out in a second before the train exploded, he teleported them out and then tried to hack into Gus to find out who it was. Gus then blew up the...
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    Throw Out Lawsuit, Lohan Just Wants Publicity, Rockstar Alleges

    Who the fuck is Lindsay Lohan? I kid (sort of). These days she is a nobody. Hell, she's worse than a nobody. She a washed up teen actor that completely screwed herself up through drug use and it's made her look a few decades older than she is. I hope Rockstar win their counter-case.
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    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    I'd be curious as to how much hashtag campaigns help. I mean, let's face it, slacktivism isn't making things worse for charities, as people that wouldn't donate with slacktivism are probably the sort that wouldn't have donated anyway - I doubt there are many people out there who would think 'I...
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    Flappy Bird Creator Launching New Game Swing Copters

    I studied Games Programming at university and would love to eventually work at a games company, and this sort of game getting popular pisses me off. How is it rubbish like this can become so popular yet actual decent games struggle?
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    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    The thing about slacktivism is, it raises awareness on issues that people probably wouldn't have been aware about earlier. More people being aware means that there are more potential donators. What makes slactivism so powerful is that it is free for the charities in question as they don't...
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    Game of Thrones Writer Cites Marvel's Stan Lee as Big "Influence"

    Ironically, whether the writing is good or not doesn't matter in this case. He's important because of how popular Game of Thrones has become, which is a reflection on the story that is being told, not the way the words are written that tell it. It seems like you're basing your opinion based...
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    What a Free-to-Play Pokemon Game Might Look Like

    That's what I thought too tbh. I have seen this elsewhere on the internet, and I think this is a very cynical view on free to play games. Some F2P games work well - Doctor Who legacy is the prime example of this as you can play it entirely for free. The currency used is called 'time...
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    J.K. Rowling Sends Dumbledore Letter to Shooting Massacre Teen

    This might sound evil but I hope that guy gets tortured for the rest of his life. Doing shit like that should yield no mercy whatsoever. I hope that this girl isn't completely screwed for the rest of her life. It's good of JK Rowling to take the time to do something like this. That...
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    Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I Teaser Debuts

    I was coming into this thread to post 'How long before someone comments on it being split in 2?' - Wasn't expecting the first post! (Does the phrase broken record mean anything to you?). I've wondered if part of splitting this in to 2 is for budget reasons. IE: A lot of special effects.
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    Poll: Are you left-handed or right-handed?

    My old man was born in 33, and was taught to use his right hand to write with, despite being left handed. One of those odd cultural things where you had to be a certain way... I'm dominantly right handed, but with contact lenses, like the OP mentioned, I have to use my left hand to put them...