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    Which superhero/villain are you most like?

    Philosophically I'm very Ra's al Ghul. Although, I'd say I'm more in line with the kind of detached, less egomaniacal versions of Ra's in Batman Begins or Under the Red Hood rather than some of the more crazed versions of him from the comics. I share his dislike and distrust for humanity. I too...
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    8 Villains Who Could Menace The Flash

    That was my first thought actually but I'm not entirely sure how DC-y they're going to actually make Constantine. I'd almost prefer if it stayed fairly isolated. Some Swamp Thing would be nice.
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    8 Villains Who Could Menace The Flash

    As someone who has recently been reading some of the 90s Starman, The Shade showing up in any of the current DC TV shows would be pretty great. I'd kind of like 'Gotham' to use him as their 'ominous bad guy who won't show up for aaaaaages but who we'll keep mentioning anyway and is old enough to...
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    Marvel Won't Move Captain America 3 Release Date for Batman v Superman

    I don't really see why this is such a big deal. Both of those films are going to make disgusting amounts of money over the course of their run in cinemas. It's not like they're both only coming out for one day. Aside from that, the 'opeing weekend importance' is surely less of a big deal with...
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    Businessman Buys Venice's 'Haunted' Island, Faces Community Group Challenge

    Once, just once when this sort of thing happens I'd like it to turn out the buyer is a wealthy lunatic who wants to unleash the no-doubt long-entombed ancient evil and, I dunno, raise Cthulhu and sick him on Venice? In saying that I've always been interested in that island so if it actually...
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    DC Plans To Turn Nightwing Into A Secret Agent

    I don't think it is a SHIELD ripoff really. DC over the last few years has had no shortage of super-equipped, super-secret, shady, government agencies (every second #1 of the New 52 seemed to bring in another one) and SPYRAL, at least what was seen during their short previous appearance, looks...
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    The Big Picture: Ranking the Marvel Movies

    Hmm if I had to rank them I think it would have to be: 1. Thor: The Dark World/Avengers 3. Iron Man 3 4. Winter Soldier 5. Iron Man 2 6. Thor 7. Iron Man 8. Cap: First Avenger 9. The Incredible Hulk
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    Zero Punctuation: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - It Sucks, Ha.

    Did Yahtzee just make a 'Hello to Jason Issacs' joke?? Yatzee is a fellow Wittertainee?? This was not expected. And yet it makes so much sense...
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    Escape to the Movies: 300: Rise of an Empire

    That Batman gag at the end slayed me, mainly because Lego Batman was in my head the whole time I was watching that trailer too. In the same way that Bale-Man "ruined" Adam West Batman, I think Lego Batman has "ruined" all the modern, gritty ones. Though at least the Arkham Bats tended to have a...
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    Tell Me What to Do

    Loudly hum a piece of classical music of your choice in a library. And if you're in a Starbucks, don't use your real name when they ask for one, you have to use one of the awful sex-pun Bond Girl names. (I realise these are hardly cray-cray but they're quite amusing for me to visualise...
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    Hannibal Producer Uses Happy Dog Videos to Cope

    I was thinking the same thing for a while but we pretty much got that with 'His Last Vow', aside from the fact that Lars looks and sounds pretty much the same as Mads, he even played Magnussen very similarly to how Mads plays Hannibal. Still, a proper crossover would be just about the best thing...
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    Mars Rover Scientists Baffled By Mystery Rock

    Wow, those obelisks from '2001' really did oversell them. They are much more disappointing looking in real life.
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    Wonder Woman Is Israel's Gal Gadot

    Haha, true but I'm assuming that she'll be going through heavy training over the next few months. As she is now, yes, too skinny but with some muscle I could see her pulling it off. As for the Disney princess face, that's always how I assumed Diana would look. She comes from the world of the...
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    Wonder Woman Is Israel's Gal Gadot

    Well she looks the part. I've seen nothing she's been in so I only have looks to go on. Still, I'm a little sad those rumours that Jamie Alexander was being cast didn't pan out.
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    Warner Bros. Interactive Apologizes For Arkham Origins Bugs

    So far I've had two black-screen crashes and four freezes, one of which corrupted 10 hours of save data. (I am now for the first ever time, in all of my 360s, backing up save files on a memory stick.) However despite all this I still love the game. Especially what they've done with the Joker...