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    Ubisoft Encouraging More Unique Games like Child of Light

    Yes please. I would love more games like Child of Light. I love the Ubiarts division of Ubisoft. They give me good Rayman games and fun colorful RPGs.
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    Let's discuss the Smash Bros. demo!

    It's so great! I can't wait for the full version. I've been having lots of fun as Mega Man and Villager, but I really want to play Rosalina and Palutena. It took a while to get used to but the control scheme feels fairly natural, I don't feel like I'm performing worse then when I'm playing...
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    A thank you to mr. Tito

    Thanks Tito! It's really great that you let us talk about this stuff, where other sites try to shut anything that they disagree with down. Whether or not you agree with Gamergate or any of the events leading up to it, you allow conversation to happen. Between you and Archon this site has...
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    No Right Answer: Attack on Attack on Titan

    The only Anime's that I can stand to listen to in English are Full Metal Alchemist, Baccano! and Mushishi. I'm not sure if they're up to Chris' localization standards, but I enjoyed all of them quite a bit.
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    Let's talk about the games that don't use mysogynistic, transphobic or racist tropes.

    Honestly in the last few months I've played Dark Souls II : A game where you can play as either a man or a woman, and then proceed to kill a plethora of men and women (and hey Dark Souls even has a Trans which leads a secret holy organization) Child of Light : A game where you play as a...
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    Feed Dump: A Bag Full Of Bees

    When I watched this vid there was 13 comments on the video.
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    Marvel Giving Thor's Hammer New Female Friendly Inscription

    Shouldn't the hammer just be gender neutral? I guess it changing to fit its wielder's gender is fine. But why not just make it "Whosoever holds this hammer, if THEY be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."
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    No Plans for Iron Man 4 Says Robert Downey Jr

    They shouldn't recast Iron Man. That would be the worst thing they could do. No, Iron Man 4 should actually be the first movie staring Rescue
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    EA: "If The Sims 4 Isn't Successful, There Won't be a Sims 5"

    Hmm... sounds like we need some other Big Budget Triple-A to step in and actually make a good Life Simulator and get ALL THE MONEY. Maybe this time around a studio that understands that the best way to make a game good is to not strip it down to it's bare bones and then shovel all the cool...
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    What are you nerds reading? :D

    Dragon Age: The Masked Empire I won't be able to play Dragon Age: Inquisition for a few years due to certain situations that will involve a lot of traveling and no time for games. So I figured I'd get my fix by reading the new book. Normally I don't go for books based on Video Games, but this...
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    Was it prudent of Jennifer Lawrence to take pictures of herself nude in the first place? Y/N?

    What she did or did not do is irrelevant. The only relevant information is that someone stole and copied her files and then spread them across the internet. It doesn't matter what those files were. It's illegal and it's wrong to do such a thing.
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    The Safe haven thread: Talk about anything

    I've been looking for a good show to binge watch lately, and I was hoping someone here could give me a good recommendation. I'm sort of feeling in an Anime mood (especially since I'm going to Japan for a few years come December) so I'm wondering if anyone has some good advice on some shows...
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    The Safe haven thread: Talk about anything

    DO IT! Mogworld is great, also one of the main characters in JAM! is in Mogworld. He plays a fairly small role, but it's fun to see the connection. Mogworld and JAM! are two of my favorite books. I hope Yahtzee keeps writing books on the side. Everyone has a Unicorn phase. You're just a...
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    How will the recent controversy effect your media consumption?

    So in light of the recent kerfuffle that's been going on, I've slowly but surely been changing what sites I visit and podcasts I listen to. I don't want this to be a topic talking ABOUT the controversy itself (there are other threads for that) but rather what you plan to change about what you...
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    Girls on Games Tells Women's Tabletop Industry Stories

    Is there a pledge level to make sure Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are never brought up by anyone in the comments section of this project? Because if there is I'll donate to it like 10 times. EDIT - Welp, I was gonna donate then I looked at some of the rewards and the planned chapters for...