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    Report: GTA V Coming to PC in Q1, 2014

    I don't know about you, but I bought GTA IV on Steam either earlier this year or last year and it was just awful, so I don't know where any 'fix' came into the picture. If what I played was the fixed version, then may god have mercy on Rockstar.
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    Final Fantasy XV TGS Trailer Teases Story, Shows Gameplay

    Wow, sure, no problem guys. It was easy, except for having to edit out the line showing the video's progress. Honestly, what the hell was Google thinking with all these Youtube changes? Changing the video quality is now annoying, and having the progress bar in the fullscreen video is an easy way...
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    Final Fantasy XV TGS Trailer Teases Story, Shows Gameplay I made a 1920x1080 wallpaper out of the shot of the town, in case anyone's interested. Edit: Why does Photobucket automatically resize images? Such a pain in the ass. Don't mind the other wallpapers, I made them from the Wildstar trailers.
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    Grand Theft Auto V's Map Leaked, is Huge

    I don't know about you, but I drive all over the original San Andreas, and Saints Row 2's Stilwater, and though it's technically fast travel, all over SR3's Steelport (with the Spectre). Part of the fun of GTA is jacking a vehicle and running rampant along the countryside. That said, I'm...
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    The Technology Help Corner.

    Is there any way to turn off the autoplay option for videos on the Escapist?
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    Feed Dump: Romanian Shampoo Wing Wong

    Someone needs to reign Kathleen in during the show, because we got approximately one minute of Graham and Cameron versus her hogging the show the whole time. It's getting annoying.
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    Diablo III's Expansion Pack Named - "Reaper of Souls"

    Really? No one pointed out that the article has "it's" instead of "its"? I know you all hate D3 but come on.
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    World of Warcraft Numbers Down Again

    Cross-realm zones, ridiculous amounts of rep grinding, taking away regular dungeon queues for level 90s, removing the ability to trade Valor for Justice Points, I can keep going. I was leveling a Warrior this month with Mining and Blacksmithing. Mining is easy to level, but when I got to Mithril...
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    Feed Dump: Life Begins at Braaaaains

    As usual, Kathleen is a dud between Graham and the other guest. She needs someone to write her some material or something, because damn.
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    Latest Ghost In The Shell Gets 8 Minute Video Reveal

    I really don't like the way Saito and Paz look in this version. I prefer their Stand Alone Complex looks.
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    Saints Row IV Trailer Shows War for Humanity

    Saints Row 2 was amazing. It wasn't linear, it wasn't a grind, it didn't take all the danger away by the end of the game, it didn't kill someone important off-camera ... I do play SR2 every now and again, but once I finished 3 I uninstalled it from my computer. The only thing I liked from the...
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    Saint's Row 4 Developer Feels Juvenile Tone Is Element Of Success

    Saints Row 2 was the peak of the series. I'm not a fan of watching the Saints become a bunch of Jersey Shore Kardashian ripoffs. The biggest mistake was abandoning the story of the first game altogether. In Saints Row 2 we got a secret mission to find Julius, and then that's it. No closure with...
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    Fans Seek Funding For Live-Action Street Fighter Series

    This isn't the Thousand Pounds fight team, is it? I'm disappointed.
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    Engineers Launch Cloud-Based Collective "Brain" for Robots

    I'll just be over here waiting for my personal Tachikoma unit.
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    The Time I Was a Social Outcast

    It might just be me, but it feels like the game cheats a lot. I've had entire games where every card the other person played beat mine, hands-down. Even trump cards. It's really frustrating because skill doesn't enter into it; you just can't win when every card you have sucks and every card they...