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    New Warhammer Total War DLC: The Shadow and the Blade

    In the time period that Bretonnia is emulating (roughly 1200's-1300's), England had a mostly french-speaking nobility and literary culture. Many of the most popular Arthurian stories, including the text that invented Lancelot, were written in French. England and France had extremely close...
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    Getting into D&D

    I'm gonna swing in here and say that you might want to consider other games as well. You might be interested in some other types of settings, or genres. If you like horror, look at World of Darkness or Call of Cthulhu. Science fiction? Traveller (Mongoose Traveller 1st or 2nd edition) is pretty...
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    We finally have some Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay!

    I'm digging the fact that whenever they show a crowd, it clearly has awkward pathing and people clipping into each other. That gives me hope about it being actual gameplay. Slick, very produced gameplay that's been rehearsed like crazy, but working as the game would for the most part.
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    Analysts say Battlefield 5 may put EA's financial guidance at risk.

    A bunch of morons complaining probably isn't the cause of the game failing. It's every other fucking problem with EA, and the crowded release schedule. That said, the really stupid "Don't like it don't buy it" thing and doubling down rather than just openly admitting that they don't care about...
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    Extra Credits discussion thread

    They think that lootboxes are fine and people need to shut up and accept overpriced games. Screw em'. And their history videos aren't any good, either. They aren't as bad as John Green, but they're pretty bad. HOWEVER, the head guy's stuff specifically on animation, which is a thing he...
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    Which Persona game should I start with?

    Don't play Persona 3 Portable first, whatever you do. Having a female PC as an option is nice, as is being able to command the party, but the loss of all of the cutscenes pretty much kills most of the dramatic moments of the game. Manage your commands for party members, and you won't have any...
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    Poll: Dynasty Warriors 9 or Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

    Kingdom Come is actually a really good game that unfortunately suffers from some big issues with glitches and a devotion to historical accuracy that can get in the way of fun if you aren't a weirdo like me. Dynasty Warriors 9 just sucks.
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance releases this month!!

    Count me in as preferring first person. I even play Mount and Blade mostly in first person.
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    Stuck with White Bear (Black Mirror)

    Have the bots finally achieved sentience?
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    Tired of Batman, well too bad here is Batman Ninja

    Yeah, the animation is absolutely garbage, but I'm interested enough in the premise to still be interested.
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    A Skip Button for Boss Fights

    It definitely depends on the game. Not every game needs to be made for everyone, but if something more story heavy does it, who cares? I got into video games by playing through all of the Medal of Honor games with infinite health and ammo as a really young kid. Having that sort of option doesn't...
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    Twitch Plays Real Life Stream Announced

    If this is going to be a regular thing, that's one thing. People seem to like it even if I don't. But could you add a tag to the article titles, so people can separate them from whatever real news comes in? Just a Taco News: [Article Title] or something.
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    Hurricane Jose Will be Deported, White House Says

    Jesus Christ. Please just let the website die. It doesn't deserve this. A once great website doesn't deserve this. First it was a desperate relinking of content that's been on the website for a decade, now it's an incredibly shitty Onion wannabe. Have you no decency left? I'd rather you just...
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    Japanese trailer for Doom doesn't show violence

    I'm willing to bet it's because the trailer was originally shown in a Nintendo Direct, which also features advertisements for stuff like Yokai Watch and which a bunch of kids watch.
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    Fallout 4 Getting a Game of the Year Edition in September

    In there is a bitter, angry rant. Click at your own risk. I know that I'm in the minority here. The flaws I find aren't flaws in the majority of the gaming public's opinions. Fallout 4 is slicker, more well produced, and more appealing to the vast majority of the gamers out there. They like...