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    Sailor Moon Cosplay Meets Punk And All Is Well

    These girls need some additional credit for sticking it out through some real nasty weather. Even when it started snowing (heavy, wet snow), they'd group up and pose until everyone had gotten their perfect photo.
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    PAX 2013: Cosplay Gallery - Day 3

    I really want to know what's in that item block Mario's carrying around. Also, that Paul Goodman costume was spot-on.
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    Escapist Podcast: 103: Activision Blizzard & Phil Fish

    Only a few minutes in, but just wanted to express how good it is to hear Janelle on the podcast again. I hope she can stick around!
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    Escapist Podcast: 094: Double Fine Kickstarter & E3 Judge's Week

    Don't know if Susan is leaving due to another job opportunity, but she'd make a million dollars doing a podcast with Steve Butts, Mike Kayatta, and if she doesn't return to the Escapist once recovered; Janelle Bonanno. Those are the four people that made the cast so enjoyable for me, and now...
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    Deep Silver Eyes Possibility Of Saints Row Feature Film

    I'm thinking "Crank" meets "Shoot 'Em Up", but with a different lead role. If they were to use MY saved games as a framework for the character, you'd get a curvaceous east-indian female in a pink trenchcoat and clown make-up. She'd be zombified, of course, and favour the gun that fires...
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    Escapist Expo: Q&A With The Escapists

    I wonder how many people security had to keep from rushing the stage in a starstruck frenzy. It's what I would have done. Truly outstanding panel (first time seeing Susan too: She's one of those rare people who looks exactly how she sounds.) I really, really hope to see the next one!
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    Escapist Expo: The Hour of Love

    Thank you guys soooo much for posting this!
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    An Escapist Farewell

    Nobody laughed at your "Simpsons" references in the podcats. But I did, Steve.... I did.... I'm going to go set up a twitter account now that I have someone to follow.
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    Escapist Podcast: 057: Condiments, Kids and Metacritic

    *finally convinces girlfriend to listen to Podcat instead of music during our study session* Mike: "Sex with Centaurs! Hooray!" Me: "...." You're 100% right on the condiment thing, Mike. I think food tastes good on it's own, it doesn't need flavored ooze all over it.
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    Escapist Podcast: 055: Spy Games & Your "One" Game

    Waitaminnit... I was really looking forward to an update on Mike's situation with his upstairs neighbors. How did he survive Slenderman? Why do you guys only talk about it when Susan's away?
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    Hulk cut from The Avengers.

    Um.... Okay, a few things -Mark Ruffalo has been signed on to play Hulk for some time now. He was introduced as "Bruce Banner" at an Avengers Panel at SDCC 2010. -Also, The first official Avengers poster features features The Hulk...
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    Most Disappointing Unlock

    Any game where you can unlock a "skin" for a character. Example: Different costumes in "Ultimate Spider-Man". Anyone with any 3D experience can change the skin on a character model before they knock off for lunch.
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    New Wonder Woman Will Wear "Those Little Shorts"

    As ridiculous as this costume will be, it's hard to get mad. This is one step closer to just giving her a blue thong, which is fine with me.
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    Geeky names for pets.

    My name's Adam, and I named my cat Cringer. I call my apartment Eternia, all so I can say "I am Adam, prince of Eternia, and this is Cringer, my fearless friend".
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    Stars and Stripes

    I showed my non-comic friend the trailer, and at the part with Red Skull, he was like "Holy ****! Did Agent Smith just pull off his own skin?" And I said "Yeah, that's Red Skull's origin. One day he just pulled off his face to show what a badass he is." He immediately vowed to be...