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    Nintendo Highlights Its Decades of Hardware Sales

    Close to 30? I hope that was a typo for "close to 120"?
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    Mario Tennis Open Announced, Arrives In May

    It debuted on the Virtual Boy, actually.
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    New Video Shows Off Skyward Sword Item Upgrades It's not new, it's been done before, the only difference is that monsters drop the materials now
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    UPDATE: Nike Auctions Shoes from Back to the Future for Charity

    GREAT SCOTT NIKE, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!? If you're going to do what I think you're going to do then the consequences of that could be DISASTROUS! I foresee two possibilities; One, people come face-to-face with the shoes putting everyone into shock where they'll simply pass out, or two, the...
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    EA Slings More Mud at Activision

    "The two then got into racist, homophobic arguments, much like the 5 year old kids who make up most of each individual game's fan base"
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    27 Fake Apple Stores Discovered In China

    Reminds me so much of Final Combat, a Chinese game that literally stole not just the feel of Team Fortress 2 but the literal models of Valve's characters and weapons as well, along with a community made map
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    Evil Genius Gets Busted After Taunting Cops On Facebook

    It's easy to miss, but it actually says "If YOU ARE the cops ARE looking for you..." this is not grammatically correct. The correct sentence would be either "If you're the cops AND you're looking for someone, someone shouldn't post... etc." or "If the cops are looking for you... etc."
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    Evil Genius Gets Busted After Taunting Cops On Facebook

    "Here's a hint: If you're the cops are looking for you, don't post "Catch me if you can, I'm in Brooklyn" on Facebook." "And now there's the evil genius who was taunted the cops by saying he was in Brooklyn." Um.......what? Is it just me or is the grammar the first thing that caught my...
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    UK Court Force Chokes George Lucas's Copyright Lawsuit

    He does this:
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    Nintendo Breaks Out the Giant Snakes for New Skyward Sword Trailer

    I'm sorry, but that creature SCREAMS "New Windfish" to me, not a snake....
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    Meat eaters should have to kill for their food.

    We do, how do you think we get the money to BUY the meat we eat? ........Forget you ever heard that *flees*
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    GLaDOS' Real-Life Counterpart Sings "Want You Gone" from Portal 2

    THANK YOU!!!!! I swear, every time someone brings up this video they cast him aside saying "Ellen and husband". HE'S DONE A LOT OF VALVE VOICE WORK TOO! Also that's a banjo
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    Video Game Lines That You'll Go on a Killing Spree if you Hear One More Time

    You know what they say:
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    Smell-O-Vision Possible Thanks to Science

    No Futurama Smelloscope references or replies? FOR SHAME
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    Lulzsec resleases xbox live user info

    Because random people ALWAYS want your Facebook accounts for no reason trying to hack into them right? It's a bit different when someone passes by a locked home wanting to break in than it is when someone outright gives you the damn house keys.