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    289: What Happens in New Vegas

    Played the game on an Xbox360 Elite (the older versions) for about 100 hours and only had 3, maybe 4 crashes. I'm thinking that your XBHD was full and the cache needed clearing. Hardly the fault of the developers.
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    273: The Philosophy of Game Design (part 1)

    "the very notions of "player accessibility" and "artistic merit" in games are both relatively recent. In fact, they barely existed in the 16-bit era, much less the 8-bit era" I'm going to challenge this point. Zzap!64 [] magazine came out in 1985, only 2 years after...
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    273: Confessions of a GameStop Employee - Part One

    If you steal blank cases, is it really stealing? And to the guys at EB Games Australia - you really should get onto the SDA about the way you are being treated.
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    On the Ball: Like God of War, But ?

    "God of War meets 14th-century Italian literature" But Dante's Inferno wasn't this. It was a clone of God Of War, so close in fact that some gamers were wondering if Sony could sue EA over it. [] In my...
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    240: Mama to the Rescue

    I had to laugh at the Squid fried soba, Loco moco, Keema curry and chapatti being "exotic foods" bit... I know what all those are and I'm a fussy eater! Maybe Australia is far more multicultural than I thought...
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    214: Artificial Thrills

    Something in this article prompted me to a link someone sent around work... This guy said the more complex his life, the less complex the games he plays. "The more complexity and mental stimulation I was getting from other activities ? usually my day job at the time ? the less I needed...
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    210: A Risk of Romance

    I've worked for a company which tried to hire people from outside the industry. We hired a film director and someone from the automobile industry. Four months later our studio was closed down and we were out of a job. Obviously there were other factors at play, but it's not hard to see a...
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    199: But I Read It in the Papers

    I think the main problem is the press goes to psychologists for these surveys, which are as about as scientific as looking up and seeing a star, and assuming they're all little twinkling lights that are only visible at night. The human brain is one of the most complex machines we've ever...
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    197: Yak to the Future

    Your statements make no sense. Sam & Max and Psychonauts were critically acclaimed. What do reviewers hating on remakes have to do with anything? It's the public not buying the games despite the good reviews and this is mostly because the marketing for those games isn't up to scratch...
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    196: Building a Better Achievement

    Most of the time I don't care about achievements, but I think FIFA 2009 has a great achievement system. You get points for playing the game well. You get rewarded for heading the ball in from a cross, or scoring from a bicycle kick. These made me explore the game and controls a bit...
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    193: The Lonely Crowd

    I think you forget how important magazines were back in the day. ZZap!64 [] was full of walkthroughs, cheats, chats with developers. We used to buy it and share our copies around. Same for a lot of the D&D magazines like White Dwarf. Man, I used to be a HUGE nerd...
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    184: Diversity, One Dragon-Punch at a Time

    I saw this as a letter to the editor and realised what a complete load of rubbish it is. The best shooters of last year - Gears 2, Left 4 Dead, COD World At War, Resistance 2, all featured multiplayer splitscreen, with most of them having cooperative gameplay. Theory debunked.
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    176: Pixels and Picket Lines

    What about Call of Duty 4? That was pretty fierce in it's politicisation of war, by, for example, putting the player as a prisoner who gets executed. And I think GTA IV has got to be one of the most political games available - and the reason a lot of players hated it. It was dripping with...
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    Imagine if all Irish-American people were portrayed as drunken, fighting fools throwing up into their pot of gold. That's pretty much what we're dealing with here But in videogames they are... Case in point: GTA IV But lets go beyond black - my good friend is Russian, and the ONLY game...
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    173: The Dice They Carried

    My biggest problem with rolling again is that I know it won't be the same. Me and my friends who played were of different ages, went to different schools, or had different classes to one another, and our D&D sessions were a way to come together as friends, like blokes meeting at the pub. Half...