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    Why Nobody Has the Time to Make Greenlight Work

    So, instead of democracy we would basically have a republic if we went the critic route. That comes with its own problems too. Critics are fewer and easier to buy off. These would be like our congressmen, and we all know that they're always the epitome of of virtue. Think of who the...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    This is a snowball effect case. You can't argue on a personal morality level with this one. This is a case where something becomes wrong because too many people are doing the same thing and ruining something. Hence the "too much trash" analogy, (that you cut out of my quotes and didn't address...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    I guess Jim is better than me, because I will point fingers. Stealing is stealing. You have people like me who don't turn on adblock because I get how the money flows. The people who are using adblock, you are the guys that are making the ads more intrusive for ME. They're getting worse and...
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    The Big Picture: Blecch, Dull Tests

    But The Croods was a terrible movie, why are you putting the "main" girl in the good list? Because she can punch good? We have how many female characters in the movie and they still can't talk about anything other than a guy? And they sold the movie like it was Brave in the stoneage, but it...
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    Escape to the Movies: Ender's Game

    Card most certainly did infuse his ideals in his writings. It might be more apparent in some works more than others, but plenty of people can point you to a book or two where he preaches for long stints about something, or is trying to work out how gay people work on the page. At least C.S...
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    Pokemon X and Y Guide for Beginners - Tips and Cheats

    If you max out your Pokemon's affection in Pokemon Amie you get lots of extra battle benefits. They have a chance to kick off status' on their own because they don't want you to worry, do extra critical hits because they like you so much, and maybe hang on with one hit point when they otherwise...
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    Sonic Lost World Review - Beauty Is Only Quill Deep

    The controls are bad? How? I've not played it, understand that, but this reviewer isn't backing up what that means. The pad controller feels wrong? How? How about the Wiimotes, do those work better? Worse? At all? Are the layouts awkward? Too much to press? What do you mean by sluggish and old...
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    Who here will not be playing GTAV?

    I won't, I don't like shooters/guns and most M rated stuff. I usually won't play things above T, even though I'm way over the age bracket. And given the history of the game and how it treats women... not giving them my dollar for that.
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    Poll: Why the Hell would you buy the new Pokemon game?

    It's 3D? Nostalgia. I love the concept, and it still holds up. I like nurturing a thing then sicking it on someone else's thing. They won't let you do that with human kids for some reasons. Well, they do, but there's more football and less lighting. And lightning makes everything better.
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    Escape to the Movies: Riddick

    The " BUY MY BOOK " thing was funny the first time, but now it just feels sad. Bob, I know publishing and promoting a book is hard, but always stay classy.
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    Zero Punctuation: Pikmin 3

    What does that have to do with the price of beer?
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    Zero Punctuation: Pikmin 3

    I've never had the battery life problem on my pad, did you get a bad one? My 4 year old and I play on ours for hours before the little red light starts turning red. And even if it does you can set it up so that you can just plug the dang thing in and keep going. Having finished Pikmin 3...
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    So Bad It's Brilliant

    Lollipop fails in pushing itself into some sort of commentary on objectification, although it tries; the boyfriend as a head being turned into a literal object and treated so by the game and characters does a better job than the main character ever could. But the game didn't push itself far...
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    The Big Picture: It Seems Today ...

    I didn't much like the show before it went off the air, but I watched a lot of it because... it was on and there was nothing else on at that time of night. I really loved the show after it came back, that one season, and maybe a few episodes in the next season, but once they really knew the...
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    Your Ideal Protagonist

    My favorite kind of protagonist is a main character who is interesting. Not good, not bad, not necessarily proactive, but interesting. Someone who exists to exhibit a question or show an idea through their actions or inactions. Someone who embodies something. I don't need a goodie two shoes, I...