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    Gaming dying etc etc

    Fair enough, "gaming dying" was a wrong title for the thread. There are still excellent games and series out there, many of which I do enjoy tremendously myself (Portal, Fallout 3, Civilization just to name a few). However, one thing is still true... Yes, the new Simcity is a "city builder"...
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    Gaming dying etc etc

    And by "modern" games you mean since the first Diablo, right? Skinnerbox-like game mechanics are in no way morally wrong. They're basically gambling without having anything to lose, and gambling is already not morally wrong. Not by itself anyway. But if people play games that don't use...
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    Gaming dying etc etc

    There were colorful and varied locations, just not as much. Just cause you're depressed and think all of gaming is sliding doesn't mean the rest of us are.
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    Gaming dying etc etc

    Precisely. Even when more DOOM and Quake clones popped up than mushrooms after rain, X-COM was still X-COM, Simcity was still Simcity and no one tried to turn existing sidescrolling platformers into FPSes. The same cannot be said today. I'm making a big fuss over it because I'm losing once...
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    Gaming dying etc etc

    What worries me is that the non-'good games' are selling better and better. I saw the first half an hour of the new Lara Croft and... what the fuck even is that thing? A movie with a controller? Smash X and LT+RT to victory? Bah. I may be getting too old for this noise, but I remember days...
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    Gaming dying etc etc

    Dear Escapists, As someone who has been watching good gaming series get mutilated over the past decade, I have for you a question: how can developers intentionally butcher their own work and, not only be entirely oblivious about it, but also genuinely think they are doing an excellent job...
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    Why is Earth's moon still named just "The Moon" (and our sun still named "The Sun")

    The Moon is called Luna, Earth is Terra and the Sun is Sol. You are more than welcome to call them by their real names if the English versions bother you that much.
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    The Gay Community.

    I can't be arsed to read anything after the OP, but I simply find it funny there is apparently a "gay community" when the idea of a unified "straight community" would be considered laughable. People are different, straight or gay. Find better gays to hang out with.
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    I...I don't see that gerbil thing anywhere o.O
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    Just finished Saints Row 3, didn't expect it to be that good

    Personally I couldn't get through more than 2 hours of SR2 because the PC version was near-unplayable. The controls were clunky and imprecise, movement jerky, animations rough. Just...unpolished. I definitely prefer SR3 and enjoyed every minute of that particular loopy marathon.
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    LoadingReadyRun: En Garde

    James stylin' with the 'stash as usual :) However, must that fucking ad really be half a minute long? Really now?
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    Dust 514 Fanfest Preview

    It's DUST 514 and EVE Online. Please get it right.
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    Everything You Know about Anime Is Wrong

    Wise sages. Please recommend me a Baby's First Anime. Something manly. Preferably sci-fi themed.
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    since when is christmass a religions event?

    Actually, Jesus' birthday is somewhere in June. They just moved the date to the 25th of December to make it easier for pagan people to replace their winter solstice with it.
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    how much did it cost to build you gaming pc?

    And this is why people think PC gaming is expensive. You can't just make a thread like this and not expect all the hardcore enthusiasts to wave their numbers around :) Mine cost around 400, but that was 3 years ago. You can get a good gaming PC for 300 tops.