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    Extra Punctuation: What is Mature Anyway?

    Isn't it funny that when "mature, high-minded, forward-thinking" people start talking about sex, their heads IMMEDIATELY disappear up their asses? I dunno, I find that kinda funny.
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    Poll: Open worlds: Bethesda or Rockstar?

    Bethesda, I suppose. Because Volition wasn't a choice and I'm getting sick of Rockstar.
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    Who is the worst Final Fantasy character ever?

    Cloud, truly the Edward Cullen of gaming. Special mention goes to Sephiroth, with the killing of Aeris being the only cool thing he's ever done. GAWDS I'm sick of hearing about them...
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    E3: Sly Cooper to Return to PlayStation After Seven-Year Hiatus

    Hm. Lotta furries in Escapist. More to the point: Thieves in "Time"? I'm starting to sense a pattern here...
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    E3: Nintendo's New Console Is: The Wii U

    Time until unveiling of Sony Playstation U or Microsoft XBox U: T-minus... And yeah, don't say Sony and Microsoft have "too much sense" not to do it, fanboys, not after Kinekt and Move.
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    Extra Punctuation: L.A. Noire Is a Bad Adventure Game

    Rockstar Games? Fine qualities? LOLOLOLOLOL
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    What game announcement would make you crap your pants?

    Beyond Good & Evil 2. ...oh wait.
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    Weirdest unneccesarry things you do in games.

    Probably arranging Mini-Nukes in tasteful patterns on my bookshelf in Fallout 3. Or perhaps the collecting of lawn gnomes. It's critical these gnomes be intact.
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    Any comedic games?

    Dead Space. 1 or 2 will do. They're both pretty hilarious, I'll tell ya.
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    whats the game that made you laugh the most

    Shadows of the Damned...and it isn't even out yet.
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    Ubisoft Making Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell Movies I the only one who hates this idea?
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    Beyond Good & Evil 2 Spared In Ubisoft Cancelation Spree

    Finally. Nice to see some good news on this site once in a while. While Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been the object of my unhealthy longing since 2008, I'm also glad to see that I Am Alive hasn't been blasted away. I can guarantee that it isn't going to be any sort of mainstream success because the...
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    Favourite game ever?

    Deadly Premonition. BOOM!
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    Volition Producer Compares Developing Saints Row 3 to "Defining Porn"

    I can't say I'm too broken up about the exclusion of fart-based weaponry in the upcoming sequel to the game that's in a 3-way tie for my favourite game for the XBox 360. Not that I terribly admire games that try to "push the envelope" or be "edgy" but, as many posters have previously stated, the...
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    "I might be empathizing with the wrong character here..."

    I could see a lot more of myself in most of the villains/assassination targets in Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood than for sparkles-in-the-sunlight Ezio, mostly because they (like me) were human beings whereas Ezio was a giant Marty Stu.