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    The Big Picture: Nerd Gods

    The whole Xmas v. Christmas thing is weird too. Monks in the dark ages on would sign letters with crosses after their name; a little tribute to the crucifixtion. That shorthand stuck around and lazy monks would scribble in an X instead of writing out Christ. Basically, we're just using...
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    Own A (Literally) Space Age Playboy Pic

    Dang, that is some 60's hair.
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    Transformers: Dark of the moon (New transformers Movie)

    I like that the comments here can be summarized as "this will be a great movie if they just take out EVERYTHING from the first two." You know that won't happen. We'll get to watch The Beef "Woah, woah, wo-woah, wosie-wo-wo-woah!" his way through another slapstick mess while the good stuff, you...
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    "dumbed down for the console gamer"

    "Dumbed down for the console gamer" or "Slowed down for the PC gamer?" Look at Dragon Age. It's been designed to be more action oriented on the consoles but more strategy oriented for the PC.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Conan's Witnesses

    This is my new favorite.
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    You Don't Scare Me

    Excellent. That is EXACTLY the experience I had yesterday. For years we've been planning to do a SH2 playthrough, like watching an extended horror film. We finally got it together yesterday. Before the main event, I loaded up SH5 to warm up and loaded a save right before the Schism enemies show...
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    Escape to the Movies: Boondock Saints II

    I saw the fist one right around the time that I outgrew the NRA fantasy of Punisher comic books, so I was repelled rather than impressed. Don't look away from the guy getting his head pulped execution style, it's good for you. So what if you're an FBI agent? Just throw in with a bunch of...
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    Review: Halo: ODST

    Gametrailers review says "drop ship troopers" too. Huh.
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    Jack Kirby Heirs Send Notices of Copyright Termination to Marvel, Disney

    Er. They do know that Disney owes like 10 years of back royalties on Peter Pan right? To an orphanage? Then again, I suppose orphans can't afford lawyers.
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    Old-Time Rockers Don't Like Rock Band

    Sigh. It's because rock music is HARD. You need a small group of like minded friends, several hundred dollars of gear apiece, a garage you can practice in without the cops getting on your ass, and hours and hours to work on your stuff. The best rockers in my high school were the guys who...
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    Which company do you feel cares the most about their fans?

    Valve has "elevated" mods and modders to become official Valve projects and devs. CS, Portal, even the original HL Team Fortress. And they let these guys stay true to their original vision instead of stomping in and taking over. If that isn't a service to their community, I don't know what is.
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    Escape to the Movies: Halloween 2

    I get it Rob, you want us to buy in to the whole "sympathy for the devil" thing because you identified with the monsters when you were a kid. (I did too: Darth Vader was the best thing ever until I realized boobs exist.) But the problem is that it's so forced. So ham-fisted. And you're just not...
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    Obama has killed...

    I think the lack of proper sewerage and roadside ditches filled with executed police academy students have made Iraq an excellent breeding ground for flies. So I suppose you could say that Bush and Cheney were pro-fly.
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    what's your saddest point in a game ever?

    Fallout 3. 1st time saving Megaton from Burke, I told the sheriff what Burke was planning. He went to go arrest him and then as soon as Burke says he'll come along quietly, Sheriff turns his back and heads for the door. Burke shoots him in the back and kills him before I can even switch to VATS...
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    Dark Knight Fanboys: "Joker Should Be Retired"

    I'm sure there were people who wanted the role retired after Nicholson's joker. But that was another age, before the internet could allow crackpots with lunatic ideas to find one another and rally under the banner of online petitions.