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    First Guns.

    My first gun was given to me by my grandfather when I was 16. It is a Harrington & Richardson Topper Model 158 single shot 16 gauge. I love that gun. Breaking it open shoots the empty shell out with a surprising amount of force though... The first gun I bought was a 21st birthday present to...
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    You Too Can Backstab In Dust 514

    I'm new to online shooters and I've only started playing this recently, but I'm having lots of fun. Figuring out all the different skills and how I want to spec my merc took some time. I was invited to join a Corp. and the matches I've played with them have always been fun win or lose. My...
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    Poll: Men! How do you shave your face?

    I mostly just use a hair trimmer without the attachments. I don't need to be super clean shaven for work. However, I use a razor from time to time and for when the situation calls for it(job interviews mostly).
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    Poll: Would having real-life superheros be good or bad for the world?

    Most people I've meet wouldn't be improved with the addition of super powers so I'm going with bad.
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    Poll: Is Gore Truly Scary?

    Not scary. Unnerving at times, but not scary. To me gore in a horror movie can make me think, "Uh oh, stuff is definitely going down" and if done right can help set the scene. That's as far as it goes for me though.
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    What's your favorite car/dream car?

    My dream car isn't really in the same league as all the above. It's a Honda Civic. Not joking. My car has had so many problems that I find myself coveting random peoples Hondas, Toyotas, and Nissians. The extent of my car fantasies is having one that I'm not always worried about having some...
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    Poll: Help me choose which anime I should watch next!

    This. I will say some of the animation is dated, but most of it holds up well.
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    Poll: How often do you curse?

    More than I should, but less since I realized a coworker of mine doesn't like to hear that kind of language and he's a cool dude so I don't want to bug him.
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    Steam Sale is ending. Whatcha get?

    Not much. Torchlight A couple skins for Killing Floor Stalker: Call of Pripyat I can't even play Stalker on my laptop but it was cheap so I'll have it when I have something that can run it.
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    Poll: What weapons will you use in a zombie apocalypse?

    Guns. I have plenty of 'em(10) and around over a 1000 assorted rounds for them. A .22 isn't too loud and still can penetrate the skull of a shuffler and is very easy to find. Of course I'd keep some sort of melee weapon as a back up.
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    Poll: PARTY TIME!!!

    If it's a party with lots of people and people I don't know I'll be the guy alone in the corner wondering why I was invited and why I came. I don't drink so that doesn't help much either. I usually leave after about an hour. I'm no fun a these parties and I still can't figure out why I'm even...
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    What do you do when you're really bored?

    Clean. When I'm that bored cleaning sounds fun so I go for it with gusto.
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    does your family annoy you?

    I deal with it by going to work. I don't have to deal with any family stuff while I'm there and it's nice. Also through exercise. Nothing clears my head better than an early morning run when it's just me, my route, and my tunes. Most of the stuff that annoys me are little things my family...
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    Share an awesome anime

    Beat me to it. Berserk is my favorite anime and I'm hoping the new stuff makes it to the States soon.
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    Recommend me some PSN games

    Costume Quest, Wipeout, and the Deathspank games are cool.