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    Take My Money: Take A Break From The Division For A Chocolate Gun

    You know what the Escapist needs? More Trisha.
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    Poll: Dubstep. Music or not music?

    So many people in this thread are taking the piss out of electronic music based on their periphery knowledge of what the genre sounds like, and in complete and gross ignorance of the process of actually creating it. I've been making amateur EBM productions in Ableton Live for about half a...
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    An open letter to Electronic Arts

    Every forum post I'd found at first either vaguely mentioned updating your drivers (done ad nauseam) or had a weird-ass solution that involved cracking open the ini files or network clients to make weird, minute changes. My specific fix came in the form of finally discovering that I needed a...
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    An open letter to Electronic Arts

    Here you go. [] Pretty sure the EULA acts as their official BOHICA clause.
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    An open letter to Electronic Arts

    DICE = The developer who is responsible for creating the excellent Battlefield series since forever. Receives all of my ass-kisses for making what has remained my favorite FPS series for years. EA = The publisher who is responsible for distributing and promoting the excellent Battlefield...
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    An open letter to Electronic Arts

    Updated the OP, felt it was worth clarifying to anyone that already went over it.
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    An open letter to Electronic Arts

    Dear EA Games, I recently bought Battlefield 3 for the PC, and while I'm sure the game is excellent, I wouldn't know because you're holding it hostage with an endless parade of terrible fucking executive decisions. I am never giving another cent of my money to your current management so long...
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    Embarrassing sex-related stories

    All I'll say is that it involved a bag of beets and a golf club.
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    What exactly makes music music?

    I'll tell you what makes music: Ableton Live 8. Seriously though, there's plenty of reasons why dubstep as a genre gets so much flak: elitism, ignorance (both the regular kind and the willful kind), and, most commmonly, a lack of exposure to the good stuff. Even though it's one of my favorite...
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    Poll: Your feelings on the Devil May Cry Series

    The first one was pretty awesome. The second one was meh. The third one was even better than the first. The fourth was offensively boring.
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    Poll: Your personal favourite anti-hangover remedy?

    For every ounce of liquor, I drink two ounces of water. Keeps me hydrated so I only feel kinda fuzzy the next morning, as opposed to achey and sensitive.
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    Dead bodies in the closet...?

    I'd have three questions: 1) Who the hell put this here? 2) Where did they find enough space in my closet to hang a body? 3) Can they come back and rearrange the rest of it for me?
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    Opinions on Heavy Drinking?

    My dad drinks like a fish, and it's going to kill him way earlier than the age he could live to if he gave a fuck. I like to get faded as much as the next man, but if it becomes a dependency, it's my own stupid fault; if I take that a step further by pretending that acknowledging the problem...
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    Sandworm Battles Reaper in New Mass Effect 3 Trailer

    I dunno, the "Niko Bellic hitting a light pole with a sedan at 5mph" sound it made when a hundred-ton creature smacked into a thousand-ton robot was pretty cute.
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    Rumor: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Canceled, GSC Game World Closed - UPDATED

    Nothing more needs to be said. ;_; ...maybe... maybe they'll at least release the unfinished build and let the modders work their magic?