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    Jimquisition: Stupid Sexy Bayonetta

    Death threats against women are terrible however... Death threats against non-women are just as terrible? I do agree, that a characters appearance should be tailored to their personality... But I try to be one of those guys that play games and not think about the implications.
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    Jimquisition: Ubisoft - A Sad History of PC Failures

    Ah, that patch on PC for Assassins Creed 4 that erased all save data. No warning (Before or after), no apology and just a "Well, I guess you're damn out of luck. Have fun".
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    South Park Creator Says Video Games Face "Double Standard"

    Can't they now release an "optional" patch that by-passes Australia's censorship laws?
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    The Banner Saga Review - The Gods are Dead

    A lesson learned on my part - You are typically better off not buying any items because you will be stretched too thin on renown (Which makes it a little frustrating; buying an item not knowing you can't equip it until you have enough renown... And knowing you probably never will)
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    Steam Sale Doubled Income of PixelJunk Eden PC In Just Eight Hours

    Gaben: Laughing it up as numbers prove crazy specials work.
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    Fallout Games Yanked From GoG Due To Rights Issues

    I thought it was one final "screw you" to Bethesda from Interplay and Bethesda is punishing GoG for facilitating the event or something.
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    Good Old Reviews: Stonekeep

    That dragon looks really happy that he has adventurers at his cavern door.
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    Amazon Unveils Flying Robot Delivery Drones

    I can only imagine the amount of knife sets that would appear in front of people's houses after a good night of solo drinking.
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    Star Wars VII Now Accepting Online Auditions

    Well... In their defense they are probably going for the same angle as what happened in Star Wars Episode 4: Try to stick to mostly unknown actors and hopefully you will find the next Harrison Ford.
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    $800 Minecraft Bill Leads to Felony Filing Against Ten-Year-Old

    Chances are the kid used the $800 to support a private server he plays on.
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    Thief Cuts Experience System

    I'm sure they rewarded stealing by giving you experience for what you stole in the game. The issue was that you were being rewarded for killing things in the game; a game that should be about stealth and trying to avoid conflict... And yet the "optimal" path could just as well be finding...
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    Whore of the Orient Title Deemed Racist by City Councilor

    Is this when I start up my Anno 1404 and play the Oriental Race with all their Indian glory?
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    Kalypso Unveils Tropico 5

    Awesome, simply awesome. If you ignore that awkward habit I get while playing this game. I don't know how I conditioned myself for it but damn, number 4? Hells yeah.
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    Japanese Company Turns Noodles Into Electricity

    Noodle, use your noodle, do the noodle dance.
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    The Big Picture: Brainiacs: The Once & Future Nerds

    There was an insult in Australia where people insulted the smarter ones by calling them a "Spock" when I was a kid in Highschool (About 10 years ago). Back then, I would have taken offense (But I wasn't that bright so no-one called me that anyway) but now that I think about it; how is calling...