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    Tracy Morgan Sues Wal-Mart Over Deadly Crash

    Wow there is a lot of misinformation on this thread some just people not knowing about the industry and others just flat out telling tall tales or spouting hate because Walmart wronged them some how. There is no comparison between the trucking side of walmart and the retail side people other...
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    Buy a Gold-Plated Xbox One for $10,000

    I'll give you a plausible customer....
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    Microsoft "Has Alienated" the U.S. Military With Xbox One

    What is sadly more hilarious is another group they are giving the finger to. How are those xbox one consoles delivered to stores? Usually by over the road truckers who can be out on the road for weeks even months at a time. There are two ways to get internet on the road, crappy wifi at truck...
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    E.A. is destroying the gaming business?

    All I have to say is thank you for saying that, it's rather annoying when people assume EA is the only company to create games that require you to use a certain software they have just so you can play said game you bought. Again thank you, its like once EA enters the bid everyone forgets how...
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    Molyneux Says Curiosity Coming in a Week

    *tink tink tink* oh its a penguin....good show peter! *goes on with life*
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    Poll: Justin Bieber has cancer!

    yes because the idea of someone suffering through cancer treatments and the ever real possibility of dieing is soooo funny. I don't like him but joking about someone having a serious illness is basically the definition of being an ass. My girlfriend is fighting leukemia. What is so hilarious...
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    Missouri Man Pleads Guilty To Possession of "Cartoon" Child Porn

    But what of the graphic murder of pixelated children? :O So when they say THINK OF THE CHILDREN they only think of children being molested not murdered say like in skyrim mods or the myriad of drawings out there on the web...I see where their minds thinks some people are persecuting...
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    Mass Effect 4 Will Not Feature Shepard or "Shepard 2"

    sorry but in all seriousness I can't read Fabrice Condominas's name with out reading "Fab[ulously]priced Condominiums" ....maybe its just the late hour...
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    Missouri Man Pleads Guilty To Possession of "Cartoon" Child Porn

    Okay so if you can get prison for this then why can't Hentai get people arrested for rape or any violent cartoon get people arrested for murder? Riddle me that justice system...hint they aren't real. Is not murder and rape obscene?
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    Your 5 most disappointing games, 2008-2012

    5. I Am Alive 4. Alan Wake 3. Civilization 5 2. Dragon Age 2 1. Mass Effect 3
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    Did ME3 ruin Mass Effect for you?

    Damn it will you please stop beating poor buttercup with that stick already? :'( Shes dead shes dead already. Anyway I guess I'll join in hand me that damn stick. I loved and hated things about the first Mass Effect still easily my most favorite game, I loved and hated things about Mass...
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    BioWare: "We're Not Done" With Mass Effect

    Soooo what you're saying is that you don't want to play "Mass Effect: The Red Line" In which you take on the roll of a volus trying to scour through the pitfalls and loopholes of intergalactic commerce, trade and accounting paperwork inorder to balance the Citidel's budget and form the galactic...
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    Your time has come!

    I shall challenge him to a riddle. Riddle me this Death what has two thumbs and doesn't give a damn? Now Death will most likely think its me but little does he know its actually Bob Kelso.
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    Poll: Why do people hate 3D?

    1. I don't want to pay almost twice the price for the same movie 2. I hate paying almost twice the price for the same movie and a headache (strictly depends on the glasses and way the 3d was done) 3. There are good 3d movies but then there are the loads of producers that will do it half assed...
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    Games that you took a gamble on

    Good Gamble: -Mario Brothers, Super Mario 2 and 3 -Run Like Hell (Never heard of it picked it up in the bargain bin started playing and only stopped to eat and sleep) -Mass Effect (Still easily the best game I ever played) -Dragon Age: Origins -Civilization (SNES) -Imperium Galactica...