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    Escape to the Movies: Star Trek: Into Darkness

    So I knew that this review would be negative, especially given Bob's previous issues with the 2009 film and his dislike of J.J. Abrams. I was lucky enough to go and see it last week before most of the reviews were out and enjoyed it immensely. Yes, it has callbacks, and I thought in most they...
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    No Right Answer: Superman Red Son vs. Kingdom Come

    Oh man, I love that comic, especially since John Cleese co-wrote it. Top stuff. As for the argument, Red Son is an amazing story by a mile, better then Kingdom Come in my opinion. That said, if DC wants to do a period superhero movie, make The New Frontier. It's probably the best comic...
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    Microsoft's Lost $5.5 Billion On Bing (So Far)

    That makes sense. They tried to take down Google at its primary function, and never became popular enough to threaten it. Hell, even the word "Google" has become synonymous with "Search". That being said, I did think it was smart to advertise it as a "Decision Engine" rather than a "Search...
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    Poll: Walking through a red light

    I do occasionally when there is literally nothing for a while, or if there's a bunch of people already starting to cross, my thinking being they'll sheild me from any cars. However, if i'm approaching a crossing where it says not to cross and there are parents with children there, I always...
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    So do you ever type out a post and then change your mind and delete it?

    Literally all the time, because the threads I do read tend to have already gone on for a page or two and so I get the feeling that "Everything I could have contributed to this topic has been expressed before, and so this'll just be a meaningless post that nobody will read"
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    Brag about something awesome you've done!

    I can't beat that, but can equal it! Just passed my driving test!
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    Favorite webcomic?

    The Adventures of Dr McNinja has always been a perennial favourite, although the latest mega-time-travel arc is wearing on a bit too much for me. The older stuff is still gold. The Order of the Stick is great when it updates, which is not as frequently as i'd like, but it still has a great...
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    Trailers: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - "Our Weapons" Trailer

    Oh god, I cannot wait for this game. I played the Demo, and it just feels like so much goddamn fun. It's gonna rock.
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    Things that instantly kill your interest in a game

    A bad camera. If I can't see what i'm doing, then it's not worth me playing.
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    Hey, just a quick question regarding installers. There's just a gap in my knowledge regarding them and any advice would be appreciated. Just for some background, I use Steam and have Mass Effect 2 on it - when I downloaded the DLC (Zaeed, Hammerhead, etc) they were put in my Downloads folder...
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    Poll: What color do you play? (A magic the gathering discussion)

    I've had a fondness for White - since I managed to get the planeswalker Elspeth Knight-Errant, my Soldier deck has been pretty good. However, pals of mine run a Black kill deck which is ridiculously annoying, and a blue/green land ramp deck. Ragh.
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    The Total War Game Series

    Rome was very, very good but I prefer Medieval 2 since i'm personally more familiar with the time period. Stellar games.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Canadian Girlfriend

    HOLY SHIT. I'm not even kidding, I was literally having that word-for-word conversation about Google+ with my brother right in front of the video loading. STOP READING MY MIND.
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    Make a complaint about the game(s) you are currently playing.

    Assassin's Creed 2: The ending, gameplay-wise, feels rushed and boring, the last chapter in particular which visually is pretty impressive but the gameplay is just poor compared to what the cutscenes/story were leading up to. MtG: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012: I can't play as the...
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    Learning my first programming language :-D what should I learn?

    In my Computing class in Post-16, we learnt mainly through C#, which I found to be useful and relativley versatile, especially for Form programming. We also went through some Prolog and C++. I'm currently teaching myself Python and a bit of Java to start with before my course next year. So...