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    Zero Punctuation: Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5

    Don't try and pretend you didn't say "Hence why" in there Mr.Croshaw
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    'Splosion Man

    Depressingly, a game announced before Splosion Man is going to be dubbed a copy when it eventually hits shelves. Explodemon []
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    Unskippable: Resident Evil 5

    I found it all incredibly mediocre and truly believe that you'd have to be easily pleased to enjoy any of this. The script itself is ... okay. But the actual delivery of all the lines is just so snoooooore, I'll probably get 'flamed' for this but in my own opinion, it fails horribly because it's...
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    Success is boring.

    What was all that crap about getting on a bus? I get the train to work personally... and if that fails, I could end up losing my job... and that's fun is it? Getting fired, having to move out of the nice apartment you've been able to afford all this time, having to move in with a friend or...
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    What's Your View On Machinima?

    I didn't think it was possible for anyone to like Unskippable.
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    Why did some people not enjoy MGS4?

    Hold the phone. You've asked for peoples opinions, you get one... then you argue it like they were wrong? "No, that's what makes it a GOOD game! lol ur so silly". Well played sir. If you don't like their opinions, don't ask for them. Whilst I'm here though... you think long, boring ass...
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    Videogames Made Halo 3 Killer Do It After All

    Aye, I was going to quote the same text. It's fucking ridiculous. He claims to not know enough about games, which makes that retarded comment 100% false assumption. He's assuming that whatever Game Petric was playing was somehow brainwashing him into thinking that humans in the real world can...
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    UT3 expansion... does anyone care though?

    Depends who's listening, the Unreal Engine is impressive, Unreal Tournament in itself is more of a tech demo for their engine than anything else. Annoucning a game that uses their technology is quite a high selling point. But in that regard, UT3 was very, very disappointing, they should've...
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    Why Halo is called innovative?

    As has probably been said (Can't be bothered to read through most of this dribble). Halo 1 was considered innovative for it's success and popularity on the console. It's quite clearly not an innovative game in itself. It is quite a lot of peoples 'first FPS', typically those who don't game on...
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    Funny things you've said in-game.

    "omg omg this one time, at band camp..." That's all I can see in this thread.
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    Am I the only one the enjoys swearing?

    Hmm, swearing eh? Back in my days of schoolin' there was this wee fellow about 2 years younger than myself who happened to insert the words "fuck" or "fuckin'" inbetween every other word, he sounded like a right tit and was clearly only doing it because he, and his friends thought it was cool...
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    Yes, that's all well and good but what do you do?

    Whole lot of students I see, not that there's anything wrong with that but I had pictured the large majority of escapists to be workin' folk. I myself am a lowly 3d games artist.
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    Free Radical isn't closed but they might as well be - 75% of staff FIRED!

    Not going to slam it down for the world to see, but if you use your head it won't take long to find out.
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    magazine quotes- is gaming worth it only for achivements?

    I for one am not bothered by achievements in the slightest, and almost feel sorry for those who take them more seriously than the game itself. Unfortunately it's impossible to get away from them these days. Sony have also announced that all games on the PS3 must now have achievements/rewards...
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    Free Radical isn't closed but they might as well be - 75% of staff FIRED!

    You're saying 45 is a bad number then? ... out of curiosity, have you read any of the replies in this thread?