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    #108: Duel

    Unwinnable boss fight incoming.
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    This War of Mine Bound for Board Game Adaptation

    I wonder how many people can play at once?
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    Looking at the number of comments, shouldn't the last panel be changed? Looks like a lot of people want to talk about ethics in video game journalism.
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    Evil Danish Researchers Say Lines Should Be Last Come, First Served

    This only works if supply can meet demand. Try doing this in Venezuela or Jamaica and wait for the tire fires to start.
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    European Commission Seeks to End Regional Pricing on Digital Purchases

    I thought they changed prices to help stop piracy. Although that wouldn't explain why the Aussies are getting screwed all the time.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Pulled From Steam Until Issues Are Resolved

    Does it take longer than two hours fore people run into problems?
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    Heroes of The Storm Getting Diablo-Themed Mini-Expansion

    So by mini-expansion, does that mean we have to pay for the map or is this just a content update?
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    The Fallout
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    Arena Mode Added To Evolve In Latest Update

    Just google evolve steam charts and it will come up.
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    Heroes of the Storm Enters Open Beta

    I still haven't been able to download the game. Servers must be really busy.
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    Total War: Warhammer Finally Gets Official Announcement

    If it releases in a playable state then at least it will be an improvement. I also heard that there is going to be 2 stand alone expansion this time, instead of the usual 1. Any ideas what those will be? End Times seems like an obvious choice, and maybe Storm of Magic or Sigmar's Rise. As...
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    No Right Answer: Game Feature That Needs to Come Back

    There are actually lots of of co-op games on steam now.
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    Team Fortress 2 15 Minute Short is a "Lead-Up to Update"

    Do we get new weapons this time? Please....please say yes.
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    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Gets Series-Wide Multiplayer Overhaul

    Soooo......does this mean I can finally play the single player again? GFWL always stopped me for one reason or another.
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    Escapist News Now: New Details on Mario Kart 8

    I was kind of hoping for more tracks than last time.