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    Zero Punctuation: Halo 5: Guardians

    Yahtzee, why do you talk about how the story matters when you couldn't figure out they already knew Cortana was active and that's why they didn't write off what the Chief saw? They say right in the next cutscene another team is handling it, and in the next one Halsey asks how much damage Cortana...
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    So MovieBob's Got a New Show...

    MovieBob's always been a mixed bag for me. I agree with a lot of what he says, including, seemingly, his general world-view, but he says a lot I don't agree with and even some things I find distasteful, and for as much as he seems like he supports people having open minds, I think he's stubborn...
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    The Theory That Will Tie All Video Game Stories Together

    It's nice seeing you go into detail on this theory after hearing about it in Let's Drown Out over the last few weeks or months. I wish I understood more than about 40% of what you were making reference to. I think you missed a step, though, in excluding non-game-originated characters and...
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    Escape to the Movies: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - Bleeds Substance for Style

    My chest feels wrong now, it's like there's a weight on it. Maybe it's from holding in the laugh and/or sigh I expected to have when he went to his normal voice. Now I have to figure out how to feel better. edit: I fixed it with music
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    are these jokes inappropriate for children s TV shows?

    I agree with the other posts questioning the age they're aiming at, although I will say they have a channel for younger kids, Disney Junior, and the age range aimed there tops out at 5 or 6, so things on the Disney channel (that show or other things) might be getting pretty young kids to watch...
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    The Big Picture: Batfleck

    Does anyone else wish Bob would just pick an accent already? I really don't care which one it is. It's jarring having him go back and forth to different degrees every week, and having him be all "pahk ya cah then go to Bawston, yeh that's a wicked plan" and then having the ad for his book where...
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    Australia's Courts are too soft.

    To the people bringing up our lack of information or saying prison doesn't work or doesn't work that well: assuming the part about beating her kid to death is true, I don't care. Other people have discussed the reasons for a prison sentence and why being longer, or long enough, would be good...
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    Poll: Is it sexist that men in the military have to shave their heads and women don't?

    Yes, but I'm not going to complain about it this soon after they got full clearance to be in any* military position. * IIRC, there are a handful they can't be in that are pretty rare and not very sought-after-- please correct me if I'm wrong
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    HERESY! (Art & Porn)

    There are a lot of other kinds, it doesn't have to be that.
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    Poll: (Another) feminism discussion

    Like so many things, I think it's down to the broader culture and the individual examples (individual games in this case). With other media this question or one like it might be meaningful and useful but I don't think gaming is cohesive enough for many generalizations to really apply to it...
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    The Big Picture: Celebritoons

    I'm not saying I don't like this type of episode, I'm saying I don't like that there seemed to be little effort put into it. Personally I didn't find the stuff he copied and pasted to be that funny or interesting, but even when it is funny or interesting, I don't like when copypasta'd clips take...
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    The Big Picture: Celebritoons

    I'm disappointed, he basically slapped some pieces of cartoons together and added some voice-over and those same faces he always uses; he didn't have a point or a bigger thing he was commenting on or even presenting and he even said so. The discussion is better than the episode, actually.
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    Poll: Do you like the British Royal Family?

    the people; I don't care about them one way or the other unless they do something to stand out (like Princess Diana and her charity work) the institution; I dislike it
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    Escape to the Movies: Pacific Rim

    What point, giant robots fighting giant monsters? Up until I saw this review I was able to push the ridiculous-looking stuff to the back of my mind because it did seem awesome and I figured Sr. del Toro would actually try to have it make sense. It looks like he did try and he succeeded in some...
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    Escape to the Movies: Pacific Rim

    They're too much for one brain to handle? I'm sorry, but that's past my ridiculosity tolerance. The whole point of having a machine with the same general shape as a human, that can make the same kinds of movements as a human, that a human can get inside and move around in or move around with and...