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    Dark Souls II Dev May Reconsider "No DLC" Policy

    This except, I'd like the DLC to be a much larger area. In Short: AotA felt like "Welcome to the DLC, here's a boss. Here's another boss. Like that boss? Another! Oh look a key fight another boss! Alright we're done here. Hope you enjoyed it." rather than taking it's time like I felt when...
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    Escape to the Movies: Pompeii

    Jon Snow needs to stop finding himself in occupations that are centered close to things that can wipe out an entire civilization of humans.
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    Jimquisition: SOPA Approved

    Weird a year later and this seems to be the state of youtube right now. Well at least in the video game community of youtube.
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    Escape to the Movies: Ender's Game

    Maybe I missed something but I kind of thought he'd of given a small chime in about the X-Men Trailer that recently came out.
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    PETA Asks Gamers To Be Kind To Zerglings

    I feel sorry for the poor soul who was playing SC/II at work when the PETA manager walked in and saw the zerg rush.
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    Will I like Dark Souls?

    Welcome to the Forums If you pay attention to what you're doing and mind your health, endurance bar, and everything that's going on you can get by. But the game does throw some surprises at most turns. The enemies do not necessarily get easier but you can get use to their tactics to fight...
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    Poll: Should Link be female in the next Lengend Of Zelda

    I can see a Zelda centered Legend of Zelda game. I mean you could play her in tune to the Wind Waker prelude where Ganon returns but Link doesn't, so Zelda has to go across the land. Eventually sealing Ganon away with the power of the gods but drowning the world in water to save the inhabitance...
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    Diablo III is Running on Consoles at Blizzard

    Sounds kinda fun. It'll be interesting to see how we work the Hot Key panels but still. Fun.
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    Your Least Satisfying Gaming Victory

    A similar experience. Majora's Mask. The lead up was awesome and the entire game is just so grand I play it to this day. But the final boss fight. Yeeesh. Once you gain that Fierce Deity Mask before the final boss it's pretty much GG.
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    The Angels Take Manhattan

    While I never like the companions in the first place, didn't like Rose, didn't like Martha or Donna. In fact I've always preferred the one episode companions, not Mickey and Adam but, Madam de Pompadour, Forest of Cheem female, Oswin. But the Angels Take Manhattan seemed kinda rushed. Like it...
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    Feed Dump: Snickers & The Sea Hag

    In before "That escalated quickly" meme for Sea Hag.
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    Can Americans Make Anime?

    I think the old "can America make anime" and "can Japan make American Cartoons" isn't based on geography. Like someone else said it's just a style, it's like the old debate of Western and Japanese Roleplays. You don't have to make it in Japan or make it in America/Europe for it not to be a...
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    The most beatiful game character

    Alice Liddell. The Game Alice: Madness Returns was a little of a let down. The game play was alright, the puzzles were more than I expected. The combat was fun at times. But the overall storyline felt rushed and in the end meaningless. But if nothing else, the game certainly looked pretty go...
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    Comic Book Villians you'd love to see in film, but haven't been done yet

    The Joker. Before you go what about Adam West, Tim Burton's Batman, and The Dark Knight. That was very nice and all. But whenever someone mentions them it's always "Cesar Romero as the Joker", "Jack Nicholson's Joker", "Heath Ledger's The Joker", "Mark Hamill's Joker". It's never The Joker...
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    I had a guy call me the Anti-Christ today. What did you do?

    Don't take it the wrong way, I just don't think he wanted to admit that he was wrong. You sir made my day.