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    Canadian Election Results

    So that lobbyists and political consultants or the media can make bank on regular Americans, and apparently Canadians.
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    Canadian Election Results

    Oh, noes. By the way, this reminds me of Corbyn's "victory" over the conservatives. Just like Erin O'Toole gaining seats, but not getting the head of state position. Neither of them is pleasant to deal with, and both relied on events outside of their control but weren't skillful enough to do...
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    The Chinese housing bubble has finally crashed, Evergrande stock in a freefall

    Don't day-trade. I am keeping my stocks until I retire.
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    The Chinese housing bubble has finally crashed, Evergrande stock in a freefall

    Okay to those libertarians who predict a recession every year. No that's not how the economy works. Fuck gold, it's not that useful compared to other metals. As for this, it's about time, and either the government steps in and injects the company with cash making them worst off in the future...
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    What have you learned today?

    This is what the future looks like if we are smart about it. By the way this is Singapore.
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    Popular game franchises you've never played.

    Every racing game besides Projects Cars.
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    Our Covid Response You liars at the FDA. You know a third or second shot makes people more protected to a Covid-19 breakthrough case. I have never trusted the government as soon as Fauci...
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    Biden's Cabinet of Curiosities

    Biden's a lot more ruthless than he lets on. He... Denies refugees from Cuba thus ensuring conservative refugees don't swing Florida's votes. Withdraws from Afghanistan despite outcry from feminists, and human rights organizations. Is willing to give the 3rd shot of the vaccine to Americans...
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    Texas v abortion

    I argued this law will succeed in the short-medium term. For one thing, SCOTUS is majority hard right. Also, Texas is hard to boycott. Third other states including likely mine will follow through. And the fake calls will stop as soon as the momentum, attention, and public awareness goes to the...
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    Funny events in anti-woke world

    Can our foreign policy, and the drone program get any worse? Why do we have to always do knee-jerk responses? Is ISIS-K bad yes, but do we have to fire, and forget without thinking first. Edit: The US drone...
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    Funny events in anti-woke world

    I doubt the Aussies have the manpower for even half of a dozen Virginia class Subs. We are talking about 140 people needed to man it. This is what the Aussies are getting. Not a bad choice tho.
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    Funny events in anti-woke world

    Congrats to the Aussies in this forum. You're getting nothing but your government is getting more lethal toys. Oh yeah, and if Australia does get 12 8 nuclear attack submarines they will have the world's...
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    Who is the Worst AAA-Game Developer?

    All of the above with the exception of Square-Enix They Put Microtransactions In Deus Ex Why!
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    New York Hospital to Pause Delivering Babies After Unvaccinated Workers Resign En Masse

    Cut their pay and pension. Great, it's in a rural county, and those are the ones suffering the most from covid. The irony.
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    Our Covid Response

    He's widely known in social democrat circles. Edit: And Breadtube