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    KFC's Console

    But is it finger licking good? Alternatively: The Dreamcast died for your sins
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    Your video game hot take(s) thread

    Welp I'm gonna get flamed to hell and back but I really don't like the modern Persona games. Guess I'll prepare for my funeral. I actually consider Persona 4 to be one of the worst games I've ever played which sounds harsh because there's a lot of games out there that deserve that more than an...
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    Favorite Quests & Missions

    I'm not sure if it counts but the whole Cabaret Club side quest from Yakuza 0 is actually really fun. Its a total genre shift from a open world beat em up to a management sim yes but they really thought out the mechanics for it. Like your main girls have to be customized a certain way to get...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Review thread - Umm....

    I actually did buy this game at launch. I also uninstalled it a few days after play. Let me explain my experience with this game. This is based on the PC version mind you buuut... Let's begin. So I actually picked the Nomad's branch and really came to liking Jackie on first meeting because he...
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    Less is More, it seems. FROM's Elden Ring drives up hype without lifting a finger

    Sometimes it feels like Elden Ring was a fever dream and the trailer never happened in reality. Was it even real? While I'm not a big fan of the Soul series, only observing it through outside of the fandom, even I'm curious about this game. It really feels like people are thirsty for this game...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    I saw Colossal recently and I honestly can't stop thinking about it. I thought it was rather interesting. Its a movie about a woman named Gloria who just got dumped, has a bad drinking problem, and has no money to her name which forces her to move back to home town. Gloria then meets up with...
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    How long until this Pandemic ceases?

    I'm really hoping that this pandemic would end like everyone else but it looks like its here to stay. Lately I've been having weird dreams of going to places and realizing I forgot my mask. I think its just kind of sad I can't have a normal dream without worrying about wearing a mask like in...
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    What Game Came Close to being your Perfect Game?

    Darkstalkers 3/Vampire Savior: I love this game to death (ha) and its my favorite fighting game ever. Its very fast and it has a ton of personality. I love all the characters, both design and personality wise, and how over the top it is. I just wish there was more games to this series, something...
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    Discovering Vtubers has been a great stress relief for me this year

    I did fall into this rabbit admittedly but I sort of got out? I want to watch them but lately Youtube has been weird for me and has been buffering a lot during streams in general which makes it hard for me to watch Vtubers normally. I could watch the vods but there's just so much to go through...
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    Mario or Pikachu, who's more recognizable?

    Well for one thing is it isn't a fully evolved Pokemon so it doesn't have the best possible stats around. Its best stat is a base 90 speed but 100 is considered to be the average for good Pokemon. It has an item that's exclusive to it called the Light Ball which gives it attacking stats on par...
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    Oh hey, MovieBob got fired (Or let go)

    I just got wind of this. Isn't this like the 2nd time he left the Escapist? I do remember enjoying his content but I didn't idolize him or anything. I didn't knew who he was like behind the scenes but reading this thread kind of put things into perspective for me and I don't mind if the Escapist...
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    You know, for a website about "Escapism" talking about current events that's happening in reality seems to be more popular.

    I'm actually pretty shy and really don't want to get into a thread war about things which is why I'm more or less quiet. Yeah there's things that I like here and there but I'm not too open about my interests on here yet. I'm not sure what you can do about activity in general because I'm not an...
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    Biden v. Trump Election Mega Thread

    I didn't watch the debate but I watched the aftermath and its just wow. That fly tho.
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    It's good to know that even in the midst of a pandemic, Japan has its priorities straight.

    I for one welcome our Gundam overlords Where do I sign up?
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    It might be time to split the country.

    Time to get started!