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    REPORT: Study Shows Masturbation Causes Climate Change

    In times immemorial, The Prophet hath spoken.
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    Deadpool Will Get A "Raw" Director's Cut, Despite R-Rating

    Why go see the movie in theaters, then? If the real movie, with all the juicy content, is reserved for the Blu-Ray release, you'd only spoil yourself on the censored version, thus not getting the full experience.
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    Dead Or Alive Bear Volleyball

    I believe that idea is already taken []. No belly jiggle for those with ursine urges, though.
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    Controversial Fire Emblem: Fates Scene Dropped From Western Releases

    It's hardly the first time they've rewritten some stuff []. But thank god no time will be wasted on helping out with social anxiety, so everyone can get back to the killing. Japanese games don't seem...
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    Why is VR getting so much buzz?

    Tying it down with motion controls would be a big mistake. It should be to imagery what headphones are to sound. I.e. be able to be used with an ordinary controller, as a compact replacement for a large TV/projector. Then it could work. And you could work on it from there.
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    Han, Leia and Palpatine Will be Playable in Star Wars: Battlefront

    Isn't Palpatine supposed to be impossibly powerful []? As in, fighting Mace Windu until it was convenient for him to be "defeated", and being capable of wiping out a star fleet with a Force Lightning Storm? And it taking a surprise...
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    Fall 2015 Anime season

    Hmm, the only thing that looks immediately interesting is Kowabon. And it looks more interesting than good. There could be hope for Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider too, depending on how much of a Steins;Gate clone it turns out to be. Maybe Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga...
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    I'm thinking on getting PS Vita. Any Recommendations?

    It's only worth getting one if you're primarily into uncommon Japanese games. I don't believe there's been a good western exclusive for Vita since Uncharted: Golden Abyss (which can't even be played on the Vita TV version of it). If niche Japanese games sounds good, then it has quite a few...
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    Steam To Get Steamy With an Uncensored Yuri Game - Update

    So Steam have finally caught up to not banning content which mainstream TV shows have been showing off for years now? Good for them. Also that they like Yuri [] in general.
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    Transgender in Dragon Age Inquisition and Steins;Gate.

    Why not compare to the fairly highly regarded [] game, rather than the anime? Though it's arguably not all that fair to compare the handling of a main character from a game that's literally all story, to that of a side character in an expansive RPG...
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    Female Game Characters Photoshopped to Average American Proportions

    Well, considering that about 69 % of Americans are overweight [], perhaps the "American Average" isn't the healthiest standard to go by? Also, not really anybody's business how a game designs its characters, except those designing said game.
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    Welcome to Twitter

    Social media. Where emotion emulates thought. And succeed.
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    So Iceman is Gay Now

    Well, isn't Jean Grey/Phoenix an incredibly powerful psychic, who can easily rewrite the minds of people in accordance with her whims? Gay Agenda! OT: But no, if people feel like buying a comic about a guy with god damn superpowers because he's something as ordinary and boring as gay, I...
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    Where are all the Male Targeted Romance Novels?

    Well, there' stuff like Princess Evangile [], which is all about forming romantic relationships with young women, and seem to be aimed almost exclusively at a male demographic. But obviously, most men would prefer stuff where the romance leads into -...
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    Non-photorealistic-graphics: a GDC panel by the Guilty Gear Xrd developers

    While I'm on the "artistic design choices and stylistic flair over technical photo realism" side of things, I see Guilty Gear Xrd as a game that's technically proficient at making 2D graphics look great with a 3D rendering engine. How is a technically innovative game an example of superior manga...