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    Five Webcomics I'm Reading That You Should Too

    Ought to put Endtown on that list.
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    Nickelodeon Resurrecting Legends of the Hidden Temple as a TV Movie

    The movie has to end with no one able to solve a simple three piece puzzle involving a spraypainted fibreglass monkey statue. And then everyone dies as the temple guards get them.
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    LEGO Unveils "Classic" Batcave Set For Batman TV Show's 50th Anniversary

    Huh? When did Cesar Romero go from a New York Cubano to a Mexican from el distrito federal?
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    Yes, Women in Dragon Age Could Use Longswords

    Also still shaking my fist at fantasy games at the misnaming of various swords. "Longsword" is typically synonymous with Hand-And-A-Half or Bastard Swords, and "Broadswords" typically are basket hilted weapons, known to be thicker than rapiers. The single-handed, long-bladed weapons used in...
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    Escape to the Movies: Blackhat - Haxxor

    Soooo... Sneakers still remains the best film about hacking?
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    The Big Picture: Tooned Out

    Oh, God... Gear up, boys. We're going down to the Power team on this one...
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    Section 8 Sequel Tries New Pricing Strategy

    All that trouble for running around a military medical base in a dress hoping for a psyche discharge...
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    All About Alignment

    Next time: The difference between Wisdom and Intelligence. Since that line seems to get blurred at times.
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    Nintendo Trademarks "It's On Like Donkey Kong"

    On one hand, I can certainly see why Nintendo would want to do this. I mean, it is their character and intellectual property. On the other hand, imagine the precedent this sets! Would be fun for Ben Croshaw to shell out two hundred fifty quid every time he says "Like God of War, but..."
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    Kids Can't Handle Old-School RPGs Anymore

    Well, let's start at the beginning, filesize. Nowadays people load on a 4 gig videogame onto their harddrive without pause. In the days of Ultima, every bit counted and text actually had some weight to it. If you spend more data explaining the game in game, then you've sacrificed room for...
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    Best "Non Final Fantasy" JRPG Ever?

    Suikoden II.
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    Jewel Staite Offers Alternate Firefly Ending

    And then in the next season, Kaylee's imaginary friend turns out to be not so imaginary when she and Susie, an alien humanoid with gills in her shoulders, switch places in their universes... Wait, no, wrong Jewel Staite T.V. sci fi series... Though, Kaylee with a rainbow wig seems appropriate.
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    US Snatches Pokemon World Championship from Japan

    They may have stolen hot dog swallowing from the U.S. but we have bested them at cardboard crack!
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    Any games where you liked the sequel more than the first?

    Suikoden 2 has a bit more polish and a lot better character development than the first.
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    Quiz: How Cold Is Your Heart?

    Let me tell you about my mother...