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    Michigan Boy Finds Mastodon Tooth in Creek

    Have the kid do a school report on it. That way he will get an A in science until he enters into College. lol But seriously, I enjoyed finding small fossles as a kid. Kansas is full of Limestone and Chalk quarries. I had a great time finding small trilobites (as a grown up I know what that...
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    Jimquisition: Salt Of The Earth - A Steam Fail Story

    I am sure someone posted this before to respond to you, but it needs saying again... (dang that is bigger then expected) Like the XKCD pointed out. Private companies do not legally have to give you Rights to Free Speech. Most reputable places (like the Escapist) do because free thought...
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    Toys you had as a kid... then destroyed, sold or "lost" by your parents. DAMN YOU MOM AND DAD!!

    Nothing, That is right, Nothing. My parents respected me. They asked permission, the few things that did get tossed or sold were broken or I gave permission to be sold. Even as young as 5 I can remember them asking. I honestly believe that this is why I am such a respectful man today, because...
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    Peanuts Goes 3D In Debut Movie Teaser

    I disagree that "Sweet Optimism" can not be dark as well. Even on our darkest day, a positive outlook (and the warm love of the Lord our God) may be all you have. I am reminded of a few of the Charlie Brown specials in that regard. Heck, "Snoopy, Come home" has been called by many one of the...
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    Report Analyzing Japanese Robot Anime Now Available in English

    I always thought that the "Robot Anime" was (originally) to save money on animation, since people do not expect Robot to move as much or have moving lips. The other reason (more recent) was to show violence, without showing violence.
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    Aliens Powerloader Turned Into Best Baby Costume Ever

    Aaew, That is the cutest cybernetic death machine EVER.
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    30,000 Year Old Siberia Virus Comes Back To Life

    I thought that vaccines could only be made against "known" threats and that a general vaccine against "everything" is near impossible.
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    Escape to the Movies: Son of God

    Bob, I love you. I admit I was nervous going into this video, but the opening disclaimer made me feel better (a bit sad that the movie was not good, but I have the Book. The Holy Bible is better 99% of the time.) Then you got to the Avengers reference and I did a spit-take (PS: you owe me a...
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    Jimquisition: Gamer Entitlement

    How well did that work out for "the Doctor"?
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    Feed Dump: Prinking All Day

    I am a Prepper (a non-crazy person who prepares for natural/man-made disasters). Fun Fact: With the proper permits, licenses, and taxes ($3000+ licenses, $200+tax/Destructive Device (grenade)); Grenade Launchers are perfectly legal in the United States. Same goes for 99% of the weapons on the...
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    John Scalzi's Star Trek Parody Novel Redshirts Coming to TV

    This is going to be better then the JJ Abrams bastardization.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Lego Movie

    hehehehehehehehehhehehehehehheheheheheheheheheheh I stopped at 1:15, I just got back from the theater. BEST MOVIE since the Princess Bride. I swear the comedy and the heart felt moments are perfectly balanced. Also, Liam Neeson plays good cop/bad cop and is heliariously awsome as well. If...
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    Irish Creatives Turn Client Criticism Into Comedy Gold

    I don't know, I have seen some natural purple fur trees before. Not solid purple, just the tips of the branches. They are quite lovely.
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    British Spies Wage DDoS War On Anonymous, LulzSec

    In war, when you bomb a factory, the shrapnel flies and fires spread. It is a tragic reality of war. Like war there will be unintended collateral damage. But unlike war, lives will not be lost. I say the "Hacktivists" are doing more monetary damage, and must be stopped. PS: I do not...
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    This "Sponge Syringe" Can Seal a Gunshot Wound in 15 Seconds

    Oh goodie, Another tool in my personal first aid kit. (I need to wait till the price drops though, I am almost afraid to look) I can see this being useful for more then just GSWs. You could use it almost anytime there is a deep puncture wound.