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    Poll: Sell me on (or warn me about) Guild Wars

    -Yes, for many years. Fond memories. -Absolutely, it got right many things that current MMO's were getting wrong. I think this can be said again for GW2. -Of course, for a skimp $60, you can get in on the ground floor. You dont NEED to buy anything from the cash shop, ever. (With the...
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    Atari Reveals Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

    So stoked for this. Will likely purchase if they do anything beyond a simply graphic update.
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    Goodbye BioWare, Hello Indie

    Fantastic read. Kinda scary though as someone that's entering the job market and looking to join one of those big companies, albeit in a different industry. Regardless, great article.
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    The Guild Wars 2 Flood Begins.

    So stoked for this, I played the original GW for years, and even today I jump in for some quick PvP. I cant wait for this, and will be purchasing this without a doubt.
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    I like it, thanks for updating the site guys. But with all the forum hate, I can see more changes in the future....
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    Well I just broke up my 11 month relationship

    Just moved in with my girlfriend of a year and a half. We have an amazing condo downtown Toronto that we can only afford because of a real estate hook-up we have. Trying to save up enough money for a ring. Being young, in love and in the big city is incredible. I hope everyone can feel the...
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    Escapist Podcast: DRM, Piracy & PC Gaming

    A lot of good points in there. Both hosts are extremely funny, keep up the good work.
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    Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.2: Bush League

    lol. "lets go get sixteen double downs."
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    Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.1: Victory Points

    Looks good so far. Kept my interest til the end. Looking forward to the next one.
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    Canadians React With Anger to New Internet Usage Caps

    I live in Ontario. This is so fucking terrible. I tell everyone i know to sign the petition.
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    The Big Picture: Combat Evolved?

    Love it, Awesome, Fuck yeah, MovieBob needs a third show. Maybe something about him pitching movie ideas.
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    Game Dogs: A Woofcraft Wedding

    Could I vote for them all? Or maybe just for the whole show?
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    Review: Sonic Adventure XBLA

    For anyone who never played it, get it. It was Sonic's first great jump into the new generation. Any Russ, your voice is really good at showing that you have no interest in this game at all. Monotone, uninspiring. Alittle enthusiasm would assist in selling interest in the game. But given the...
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    Game Dogs: Launch Party

    Had to give it another chance. It got a second season, there must be a reason. Maybe it changed for the better. Alas, not so much.
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    Game Dogs: Launch Party

    Not my thing, not funny.