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    Lara Gets Serious in New Tomb Raider Teaser

    Why would you call this trailer a teaser? I know there's roomfot argumentation but 3 effin' minutes ain't no teaser man. On the trailer itself: Quite decent but somewhat melodramatic.
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    Doc Brown Explains Zelda Chronology Using Time-Travelling DeLorean

    Very well done. Gotta love how often Ganon dies xD Oh and he always escapes :D
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    Blizzard Spills All the Beans on Diablo III's Runestones

    I dunno if you have much clue of either game but the runes in Diablo II are nothing like the runes in Diablo III, much less fun in design in fact. The runes in D2 don't change your skills, adding unique features to the spell etc. pp. Hell... those runes don't actually change the skills at all...
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    Daily Mail Voices Concern Over "Ultra-Violent" Modern Warfare 3

    And there it begins. MW3 gets attention, and Acvitision gladly takes any kind of attention they can get :D
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    Runic: Torchlight II Levels Three Times Bigger Than Original

    That was an interesting rad SonofSeth, and truely those "neo nerd hipster douchebags" go on my nerve. People can support Indi Devs as much as they want but praising a game that's somewhat terrible in a lot aspects just because it is done by the innocent and suppressed developer Runic instead of...
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    Runic: Torchlight II Levels Three Times Bigger Than Original

    Agree. Laughable. This game is everything one doesn't want of a Diablo clone, the low price didn't improve anyones entertainment either. Terrible skill selection, itemization, balance, boring combat, somewhat pointless "pets" and the worst story and lore I've experienced in a long time...
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    Grimm Finally Gets a Trailer and a (Horrible) Time Slot

    Trailer? That felt like the whole movie. Also that's gotta be the worst story line ever. The last Grim, oh jesus...
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    Research Paper Attempts to Prove Why StarCraft Is Fun to Watch

    Woah how frigging unnecessary was that? Watching "eSport" isn't different from watching normal sports at all. And that's it. (It's actually even better :D)
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    Facebook Engineer Teaches Life Lessons With StarCraft

    So tell us HerbertTheHamster, what's your account and rank? Because every whiner like you is usually some random noob that complains about the game being easy as shit and about rush tactics or cheese while at the same time don't manage to play anywhere near the level of people they complain...
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    WoW Players Raise $800k for Make-A-Wish

    How about 160k?
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    Inception and L.A. Noire Make One Hell of a Trailer

    Minst Heist must have the biggest Trailer OST impact every my god, and I agree, that track is frigging amazing. In this case it did fit okay-ish, wasn't blown away. It's funny how every new trailer these days will also include those heavy Mind Heist-alike Basses. I mean just look at Tron or...
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    Wizards Blow Stuff Up in Amazing Harry Potter 7 (Part 2) Trailer

    Looks just as bad as every other movie of the series. Very bad, that is. Also, are there really non stop background screams in this trailer? :x
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    Jimquisition: Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

    Hmm dunno, was alright. And his obvious point is obvious. But I prefer it when people actually focus mostly on their topic and actually give interesting informations or point of views instead of using vulgar speech in order to be funny and separate themselves from other guys who do the same...
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    Wolverine's Robot Boxing Movie's Already Getting a Sequel

    What the hell did I just see... that trailer contains everything you don't want to see in a movie. Fucking robots, can't believe I'm saying that now, but those ridiculously terrible robots movie go on my nerves.
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    Warner Bros. Releases Disappointing Mortal Kombat: Legacy Teaser

    Not even the choreography is all that good. And oh lord, who is responsible the over exaggerated sounds?