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    Why do smart people act stupid sometimes?

    Because their intelligence tends to be specialised. + They might just have a off day.
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    I Think Obsidian is Trolling Bethesda

    They are trolling and I'm loving it.
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    Metro 2033 (was) free on steam for 24 hours

    How to play Metro 2033. -Connect your PC to the TV. -Turn off the lights. -Put it on Ranger hardcore. -Go to options to turn off any form of help, including the laser sight. -Change the spoken language to russian. -Change the subtitles to russian too. -Get vodka & a beat up metal cup...
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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    I was talking in general, in real life. Racist doesn't care if you're of color as long as you can pass as white.
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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    Just letting you know: Racists don't care as long as you can pass as white.
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Pickle Rick

    I think the revelation of optimistic nihilism just goes to some people's heads.
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    Idris Elba reportedly being considered for next James Bond

    Good! (Is there still a rule that bans one word comments?)
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    Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 4

    Always remember: Don't trust anyone who's best friend is named Gabe.
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    Zero Punctuation: God of War 2018

    Yes I am; they use story formulas, not the award formula that Hairy Dad Games do.
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    Zero Punctuation: God of War 2018

    It's almost like those games doesn't use a standard formula to invoke feels or something.
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    Hot-take time: Fantasy is a dull genre

    Making it easy: Of course you find it boring, you have restricted the genre to "works like Lords of the Rings".
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    Zero Punctuation: God of War 2018

    Thank you Yahtzee, I needed a name for the Oscar bait of gaming: The hairy dad game. Seriously, how do we have a handful of those,but no proper Guerrilla Warfare game?
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    Is The Witcher 3 overrated?

    Yes, the best is always overrated.
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    Will Metro going to be Greatest Trilogy in the history of Gaming?

    I have frequently argued that Metro 2033 is the best game of the 7th console generation, even I say no to it (partly because Exodus isn't even out yet). If Exodus nails it, and is the best game ever, there's still the problem that Last Light is just CoD done right.
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Friday the 13th

    30*, 3D comes back every 30 years, not 20.