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    Battlefield 1 Revealed in Launch Trailer

    Probably a Harlem Hellfighter, an American unit that spent more time in combat than any other American squad.
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    Poll: Which squickier loli/shota or guro?

    Not really, but I find it less disturbing than guro.
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    Poll: Which squickier loli/shota or guro?

    Guro. Although I'm not really sickened by it, it's not something that I look at and think "omg so hot."
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    Beloved Musician, Actor David Bowie Passes Away Aged 69

    Legends never die.
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    Poll: Pubic hair and you.

    I've never done the do or even been on a date, but I think I'd prefer shaved.
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    Celebrate old Escapists! The war against the newbies has been won!

    I haven't posted in years, and I had no idea there was a war.
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    well, the the escapist was just attacked.

    Why the hell is this GamerGate thing even a big deal?
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    Most vomit/headache-inducing levels/sections in games.

    Never played it, but I saw gameplay of Kane and Lynch 2 and that was just horrible.
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    Who would win in a fight: you or your avatar?

    Well I tried to change my avatar a long time ago, and it never got uploaded. I don't remember what it was so I'm just gonna say I'd probably lose.
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    I propose we work to end the hatred of the Fedora

    I don't hate Fedoras, I just think they look stupid with casual clothes and a neckbeard. And what is up with the question captchcas? Are they even capthchas anymore? How do I even spell captchas?
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    Google Reveals Its Electric Self-Driving Car Prototype

    I would not trust that thing. What if something happens and it gets out of control? I wouldn't get in unless it had a manual override.
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    Your Victory Music?

    Because it is the year 1945.
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    Pet peeves that make you nerd rage

    The phrase 'pet peeve' really bothers me for some reason. Not trying to insult anyone, but I just really hate that term. It sounds so ugh.
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    Unskippable: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories - Gardening In Hell is Hard

    It's Disgaea D2, not Disgaea 2. (Already been said but I had to say it to.) Anyways, Disgaea is not supposed to be a serious game at all. I dunno why so many people think it's supposed to be serious with its dialogue.
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    What's the worst thing you've ever seen on the internet.

    3guys1hammer, various videos of accidents and incidents, drug runners in Mexico decapitated by rival gangs, and a video of a guy being quartered by horses. I think 3guys1hammer was the one that sickened me the most though.