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    Which Pokemon Moves Would You Use?

    Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Rest
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    Halo named Greatest Game Franchise by Guinness

    If you guys don't like it maybe you should have voted!
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    Poll: Can males and females simply "just be friends"?

    No, I have been great friends with a girl for about 3 years. Half of my Senior year I had a crush on her, I got the guts to ask her out to prom and she said yes. I fucked it up hard and now we're just friends again.
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    What Are Your Thoughts on the New Comedy Central Show: Ugly Americans?

    Not exactly, as you may or may not know, Michael Moore goes to stupid lengths to find something wrong with his country and then blames the wrong person. Before seeing this show, I thought it was just going to be a lot of hate spewed all over American life but that wasn't the case
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    Why do people say that the British didn't do a thing in WW2?

    I like how everyone is blaming American teachers when he's from Iceland. I would seriously hit the man who told me he truly believed that Britain did nothing in WWII. I won't have anyone proving the American stereotyle, no-sir-ee
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    Poll: New Team Fortress 2 Class - Rifleman

    Pyros make the best ambushers. Don't lie to yourself. Replacing any class in TF2 with cause an uproar so I think it's best to keep it as is.
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    tell me why you are childfree

    I will absolutely 100% have children in my future. I've always been extremely satisfied by creating something I'm proud of. If I can do that with a child my life would be complete. However I'm only 18 so i'll wait a bit.
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    Do you respect your country's flag?

    His family fought for their country. Their country and their flag. A flag isn't about what colors you wear to the Olympics, it's about what it represents.
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    Actually, we don't say that in Britain

    I want to slap my fellow American who thinks that the UK and Australia are the same thing. Maybe if he had no idea where you were from and you're in neither of previously stated locations, then he(I) could mistake you for something you're not. The only stereotype I know and believe of the...
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    Have you ever tried to make a game harder for yourself?

    Only the two first rules apply(The third is a part of the second rule :\), the rest are just Nuzlocke: Hard Mode. I'm doing this right now on SS.
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    Your first level 100 Pokemon

    My first legit level 100 was Meganium on the original Gold. My brother and I had a race, he was only 2 levels behind me with his Typhlosion.
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    If you could have one Pokemon in real life..

    In terms of fucking things up, Marowak. it can have over 550 attack with thick club yadda yadda yadda pokemon nerd crap yadda. In terms of a pet however, Meganium. I want my pet to be as adorable as possible while still being my epic mount.
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    Whats Wrong with Halo?

    Hello! Welcome to an opinion, here's a brochure. Halo 'aight in my book. The controls are tight. you point and shoot and people get shot. I enjoyed the single player campaigns, maybe the story isn't top notch but it's not bad. The conclusion was the standard in any Sci-Fi shooter, which isn't...
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    Modern Warfare 2's broken multiplayer

    The only problem I've ever had was the suicide bombers. That was fixed a while ago. Otherwise, I think you're just trying to start a flamewar.
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    Poll: Starcraft 2 normal-$59.99 , Collection Edition-$100

    Honestly, I'll feel like I'm getting ripped off if I don;t buy the CE. All of that can easily be priced between $60-$80 without the game. Or maybe I'm just that bad at economics. I wonder if the Starcraft on the flashdrive works on Mac. If so, I know what to when I bored during classes.