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    Civilization: Beyond Earth Hands-On: Sci-Fi Skinned Strategy - Update

    No mention of Terra-forming. That was one of the best and most interesting and unique aspects of AC, and it was a really cool way to show how futuristic and powerful your civ was without breaking the game's balance.
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    Ragnarok is Upon Us, Vikings Predict World Ending Today

    ...Well, now the only real question remaining is who blew the horn last year and why did they do it if they knew it would trigger the apocolytic countdown? Although, seriously, The term "Viking Centre" is probably one of the greatest terms I have ever heard.
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    Pandora Wants To Put You In First Contact With Alien Fun

    I honestly feel that this can't really measure up to the amazing Alpha Centauri. Two of the greatest things about Alpha Centauri was the unit customization and the terraforming. While the website does say that it has unit customization, I can't imagine how this would implimant Alpha Centauri's...
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    Dishonored's Ending Shifts With Your Play Style

    Im interested but i think that possession might be a bit overpowered, just from how i have seen it used in the video ie, possessing the target to get them isolated or using it to sneak around really easily.
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    Lionhead Officially Unveils Fable: Heroes

    I think you mean "somewhere between 2004 and 2012" not 1012
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    Favorite Elder Scrolls In-Game story (and why)

    The Wabbajack. Also the myth of seogorath
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    Your Avatar is your face

    What? How would i fit a protoss stalker on my head? It's larger then most cars!
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    Molyneux Satire Spawns Survival-Horror Bowling Game

    I would honestly buy that. But id rather have the dancing fps.
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    Poll: Is there a "Right Way" to play D&D

    the golden rule: rule zero. just sayin' OP: the correct way to play is with a good DM and people that aren't ass holes.
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    Poll: Is there a "Right Way" to play D&D

    I'd qualify that with "Is this fun, FOR THE GROUP". Individuals must consider the feeling of the overall group they play with.
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    Poll: Is there a "Right Way" to play D&D

    I like the part in the 4.0 guide where it tells you to steal IP to make your game run better lol
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    Poll: Is there a "Right Way" to play D&D

    All a combat game is right for some crowds who care nothing about politics and talking. A mixed game is most commonly what people want, with some combat and some talking, balanced by their tastes. A zero combat D&D game isn't D&D to me and I'd agree a zero combat PC is a waste of a...
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    Poll: Is there a "Right Way" to play D&D

    Me and a friend of mine have been having an argument that goes a bit like this: Friend:Your character is stupid. Me: Why is it stupid? Friend: Because you only have noncombat spells and used all your skill points on Diplomacy and other synergy skills that effect it. Me: You can play the game...
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    Trailers: Blizzard DOTA - Announcement Trailer

    I can't wait to see what Dota game is going to be better. Blizzard DOTA or DOTA 2. From what i have seen this is going to be close.
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    How would you describe a game you enjoy/are excited for to someone who doesn't play games.

    Show them a trailer or gameplay video while giving a step by step description of the game's mechanics and story.