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    Good news everyone

    I dunno guys, have you seen what animals do to each other in the wild? We're freaking pacifists by comparison. OT, not sure. If everything that includes violence was destroyed that would likely include passionate emotions, so I guess wander though life like a zombie until I pass on.
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    Games that defeated you.

    These games have defeated me, but I do intend to have a rematch: Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic 2 for the Genesis (Last boss on Sonic 2) Armored Core V (The battle train) Viewtiful Joe (Fire Lion Boss) The Lion King and Aladdin for the Gensis (Just got a copy of Lion King after 15 years...
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    Why do people rage about stuff that has no effect on them?

    I'd think it's part o our nature as a social species. Let's put the larger issues to the side for a minute. Why do people rant to others about the shitty day they had? What about rumors, gossip, etc? Things that people really don't care about, but for some reason like to hear. Now this doesn't...
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    Jimquisition: Why Do People Hate EA?

    It's actually hilarious they had to ask. Wikipedia has 1/3 of the EA page dedicated to the criticisms of EA. Personally, I hate EA for what they did to the Ultima series. As far as I've seen, it was the first series with a loyal fanbase that they destroyed. Capcha: wicked witch ...Well...
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    Favourite game that nobody else knows about.

    Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) To this day it remains the best pirate game I've played. Going older I'd have to say Shakii the Wolf and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, mostly for the nostalgia.
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    What conspiracy theories do YOU believe?

    Actually we've been working on creating organs for a while, and can literally print kidneys (though they're not good enough to use yet).
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    Oh god, not the Origin thread again.

    Headline of December 21, 2012: EA Buys Valve
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    Worst. Ending. Ever.

    Interestingly enough, that's exactly the reason I liked it. Unlike some other people, I really liked the ranching segment, and the ending was a very bitter pill to swallow, but in the context of the game it felt right. Just looking at the game's stories as a whole, how many of the people John...
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    Demon's Souls or Dark Souls?

    They have similar mechanics, but a vastly different atmosphere. Demon's Souls has a series of worlds connected by a hub, and you can stock up on supplies before challenging a world, plus you're ab;e to tackle the worlds in whatever order you feel prepared for. The bosses are each unique and...
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    Poll: Are tasers tools or weapons?

    They are weapons, but they aren't treated with the same respect as firearms.
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    So i need a reason to buy a PS3 over a Blu ray.

    You could always just get a Blu-Ray drive for your PC.
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    Your Pump Up Music.

    Fiddle of Time by Masterplan.
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    I challenge you to find a battle more epic than this!

    Berserk. The Band of the Hawk vs. the Demon God Emperor.
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    What's so bad about Maths?

    Canadian here. I did just as well in Math as just about any other topic until University and Calculus hit. High school calculus was fine, and I had a great teacher. University became a different story. Each week we had a different formula to memorize, which consisted of copying the basic...
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    'People who want privacy have something to hide.'

    How about we start with government transparency and monitoring? We pay these people with our taxes, installing CCTV monitors and bugs into public spaces is protecting our investment. Filming public service workers (police, etc) should be encouraged in public to maintain a record of their actions...