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    Escapist Podcast: 106: Elder Scrolls Online & Moon Computers

    As has been said previously. Cake must be cake in order to be cake. Now to actually listen to the rest of the podcast.
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    Escapist Podcast: 090: Nintendo Bails on E3 and Dragon's Crown's Breasts

    After the last podcast where you mentioned adblock I went and whitelisted this and a few other sites I respect and use frequently. When I listened to this podcast I noticed I still wasn't seeing ads, for some reason the ad block I was using decided I was insane to want to see ads and kept...
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    Trailers: Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Trailer

    I'll reserve judgment on the quality of the game till I see the actual game. What stuck out to me though was Hal shot one of the manhunters down and THEN asked if they were robots. Seems like he used lethal force a bit too quickly.
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    Super Power Corrupts: Most People Would Be Villains

    I'm sure at some point with super powers I'd get fed up with the corruption and incompetence in governments around the world, leading to my marching into the UN to tell them all to sort it out else I would. I wouldn't be the bad guy then when they don't listen and I'm forced to dismantle all the...
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    Meet Okamiden's Real-Life Puppy Chibiterasu

    This picture will be my main weapon in getting my wife to buy me the game. I sense that in this household it will be referred to as the "Cute puppy game"
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    Terry Pratchett Makes His Own Heavenly Sword

    That perfectly summed up my thoughts. This news brought a real smile to my face.
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    Unskippable: Hybrid Heaven

    It didn't occur to me until the post credits caption but the naked guy reminded me of Pauly D from Jersey Shore. ...and I'm slightly ashamed to admit that.
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    Science!: Ants and Monkeys

    When the people in department stores puff scents over me I get agitated and aggressive too. Maybe an aversion to perfume samples is inherent in all creatures. Also we need to start preparing for the chimp uprising in addition to zombies, robots and alien invasion.
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    Science!: Vikings, Coconuts and Octopuses

    Basking sharks are filter feeders and shouldn't be any threat to an octopus anyway. Clearly this proves that the octopus is learning to use tools and be paranoid.
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    The Escapist Presents Loading Ready Run

    They'd better, they've worked hard enough at it over the years. Good for the LRR crew, though this probably wont change anything for me apart from what site I go to every Tuesday.
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    224: Gaming Isn't Brain Surgery

    If that is an average day I'm really surprised there aren't more break downs from surgeons. Or maybe there are and I just don't get to hear about them. It's actually a bit scary, I think I'd prefer my doctors to have the time to be rested and feed/look after themselves well before they care to...
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    Science!: Panda Feces, Tequila and Cows

    We were taught about Pandas in our Biology degree. The one fact our prof told us, and told us we'd never forget even if the rest of the degree was forgotten, was that pandas poop 48 pounds a day. 4 years on and thats still the clearest thing I can remember about my university education.
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    222: Too Gay for the U.S.A.

    I was a bit younger and naive when I played through that section of Final Fantasy 7 with the cross dressing so I completely missed the gay undertones. Probably didn't help that I'm British and had been enjoyed the long comic tradition of men dressing as really unconvincing women. I read the...
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    Science!: Vomit Guns, Nose Spray and Plastic

    Sexual reproduction was always described as a parasitic act by the male half of the species to me. The female produces all the nutrients in the egg and gestation period yet has to share half the genetic information with us males that produce nothing of any real value. Makes me feel really valuable.
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    Science!: Fanged Frogs, Botflies and Tequila

    The link in the text for the Ghostshark isn't working, just so you know. Just the mention of the botfly has me scratching my head and shivering in terror.