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    Rollercoaster Tycoon - A Brilliant Ride

    Yeah. Back then there would have been a serious performance incentive to do that as opposed to today. Modern compilers like GCC do really well at optimising higher level code like C/C++ into Assembly, almost negating the performance advantage of performing software engineering at the assembly...
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    Rollercoaster Tycoon - A Brilliant Ride

    The most impressive thing to me about RCT is that Chris Sawyer wrote it entirely in Assembly. Over 100,000 lines. That nets some serious respect from me.
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    Earlier Access

    Was there any significance to the guy with Wolverine claws in the background?
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    The Net Neutrality Sellout: Still Bad, But What's Next?

    Then you'll love these rules. Pray-tell what exactly don't you agree with about net neutrality? The European Directive (article 22, I believe) states that all internet service providers must adhere to Mere Conduit principles (common carriers, as they are called in the US). Meaning Net...
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    The Language of Game Development

    If you're wanting to get into development of any sort, then asking "which language do I pick" should not be at the top of your list. Learning design patterns, complexity modelling, rapid prototyping, formal specifications (code contracts), high integrity development etc, should be the...
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    FCC Chair To Revise Horrible Proposed Net Neutrality Rules

    These are just changes in language and rhetoric. The revisions are still proposing the same thing, what's changed is that Wheeler has made a couple of toothless threats, and is going to invite outside comment on the key issues. The decision has already been bought and paid for by the...
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    It's just me, or people on the internet doesn't seems to understand analogies?

    The one thing that always get's me is when someone says "that's a terrible analogy because *INSERT SOMETHING SPECIFIC TO THE ANALOGOUS SITUATION NOT RELEVANT TO, AND OUT OF THE BOUNDS OF, THE COMPARISON SUBJECT*". There's never going to be a 100% overlap between two things being compared as...
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    Poll: Are you employed?

    In my experience, it's best to assume it's USD. Besides, the bracket I chose for my earnings would be the same in both GBP (my home) and USD. So I was all good anyway, :D.
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    Game of Thrones The Lion and the Rose Breaks Torrent Records

    Not surprising at all. People will get shows by the easiest method. The internet changed all of that. The old ways are no longer the best, but the cable/distro companies can't see that because they are run by old men who have no idea what they are doing anymore. If they just got with the...
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    Check Your Privilege!

    White heterosexual male with 43/100. They really need to phrase their questions better. For instance, I have heard the phrase "you have been selected for secondary passport control". I just haven't heard it being said to me. I do know what Sallie Mae is, but I've never had any business at all...
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    Xbox Boss Admits Some "Wrong Decisions" Were Made With Xbox One

    A whole generation, I believe. But yeah, this was a good thing. Just admit you were wrong, and move on.
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    European Union Votes Net Neutrality Into Law

    Here's hoping Cameron beings Britain back into line with this directive. Since the carriers started with the censorship program (because, dear God, won't you think of the CHILDREN!?), they technically lost their MC status, and are in direct violation of the European Directive against such. I...
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    Xbox One's Frame Rate: Kid Rejected, Mother Approved

    Brit here, never once in my 25 years have I ever heard Ketchup referred to as "Red Sauce". It's usually "Tomato Sauce", or, you know, "Ketchup". I play a lot of FPS (game archetype, not framerate), and I notice a large difference between 50 and 60. In most games, I'm more than happy to...
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    Jimquisition: Buyer Beware

    I just had a nostalgeurysm with that Grange Hill music. Please more old CBBC music for intros!
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    Dark Souls Six: Darkest Souls

    You didn't dodge the darts? Lol GTFO scrub. Seriously though, Dark Souls is great.