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    Old Escapist Thread Mentioned in Cracked Article

    Pfft It so obviously equals 2 You're all morons.
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    Poll: Do you support Eugenics? (Poll)

    Yup. Everything. You're going for hell just for mentioning those things you mentioned. I'm not saying them - I was fooled like that once in a former life and my back still hurts when I stretch.
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    What to get for someone who has alot?

    Why have Trigger_Happy and Nikolaz recieved warnings? They've done nothing wrong
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    Poll: Do you support Eugenics? (Poll)

    Rule of Thumb Anything supported, started, encouraged or included in/by the Nazi Government of the Third Reich will not, EVER, be considered fair game for discussion OR respectable opinions for the next HUNDRED YEARS at least.
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    In defence of the Escapist - from a contributor.

    You'd honestly compare the relationship between contributors and the 'pist to the SS and Hitler? Lol you fail History/reason/thinking forever. Silly boy...
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    Anyone else hate British cuteness?

    Firstly - no such thing as British cuteness. You're applying one word which (in YOUR opinion) is slightly childish to an entire 1,000-year-old culture? The hell, man? Secondly - "Muggle" and other worlds aren't nessecarily childish or 'cutesy'. Your complain seems to be that everything isn't...
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    Alien asks you to prove humanity is worth saving

    Egads, you're right!
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    Alien asks you to prove humanity is worth saving

    Oh piss off the lot of you with your "humans suck" speeches What? You mean the politicians and the big industry owners and the airheaded celebrities? Oh great, you're right. Let us all be as shallow and banal as you lot to think only of this TINY, TINY minority when we consider the vast...
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    Question about exit gunshot wounds

    Quick question - I can't find an answer and Yahoo/other answer places are useless Does anyone know if it's better or worse for a bullet to exit the body upon entering it? I understand it's bad that the bullet's already gone IN and that it can bounce about and do loads of damage, but I was...
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    Limits in Science-Fiction.

    I think it's like this It's fiction and thus you can do ANYTHING HOWEVER If you do something you are generally expected to explain or acknowledge it. If in your story or film everyone has three eyes for no reason you'd be best to explain why the human race decided suddenly they needed a...
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    How do you deal with these VERY COMMON gaming situations?

    1) I'd question why I'm playing the type of game where you could do that (don't play fighters). Assuming I am playing such a game, I'd turn on my mean-mode, where I verbally dissect them, their arguments and their acheivements. Guaranteed to wind 'em up. 2) Pause the game (assuming it's...
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    Duke Nukem and sexism

    Why don't you use his picture, then? Surely that would be more appealing to you as it'd be more in line with your more mature taste in gaming protagonists?
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    Duke Nukem and sexism

    Says the guy with a steroid-abusing dual-weilding mute space marine for an avatar?
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    So, How About Those Drugs?

    Would just like to take something up with the mods Condone = To forgive, excuse or overlook (something); To allow, accept or permit (something); To forgive (marital infidelity or other marital offense) Ergo, when one says "I take drugs" or something to that effect, they are not condoning...
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    Possible cure for so-called "consolitis"

    I'm not going to argue with the meat of the matter, since it's something that I neither care about nor mind which side is right. However, I will say that you should probably drop the economics argument. If the system was that simple then you'd be a billionaire with a revelation like this. Fact...