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    Escapist adverts are out of control...

    For a while there, I couldn't get on to the Escapist because a combination of Flash 11 not playing nicely with Opera 11 and terribly coded banner ads meant my browser crashed every time I tried to load any Escapist page. New flash update means I'm much less bothered by the ads. And, seriously...
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    MW3 Changed Too Much, In My Opinion; Or, It's kinda crap!

    I haven't played MW3, but I suspect this guy's right on most points. I'm a huge fan of CoD4, less so of MW2, even less so of BO (though that was mostly due to shitty netcode; if i got lucky with the host or i was playing local, i liked it better than MW2, almost on par with 4). From what I've...
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    Poll: Gears 3: Is the Boltok OP?

    Right, but my point is that the Boltok is really common - there's at least one on every map, usually two, and they seem to have a really forgiving headshot hitbox compared to the longshot, making it (as far as I can see, at least) pretty similar to the TF2 Sniper's Huntsman, in that it's a...
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    Poll: Gears 3: Is the Boltok OP?

    I was just playing Gears 3 multiplayer (casual TDM, if anyone cares), and I picked up the boltok pistol (for those of you who don't know, it's a revolver that does a crapload of damage) and I was just kinda screwing around with it when I realized that it can get a 2-shot headshot at ANY TIME...
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    Is Xbox Live down for anyone else?

    Yup, we're back. Hooray!
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    Is Xbox Live down for anyone else?

    I actually checked that before I posted. Guess we just knew before Microsoft did?
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    Oh god double post

    Sorry about this
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    Is Xbox Live down for anyone else?

    So, I'm having trouble connecting to XBL, but no problems with other internetty things... I don't think it's just my xbox, since and the gamertag on my profile aren't showing up properly either. Can anyone else confirm this?
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    Gaming problems with my gf.

    Ahh, we're a classy bunch here on the Escapist. Thank you.
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    Music while gaming.

    Light classical music, by composers such as Vivaldi or Hayden, or superhappyfuntimes techno, like Caramelldansen (speedycake remix), provide background music for my hyperviolent videogaming
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    GBA and PS1 Best RPG's

    FF:Tactics series The Final Fantasy Legend series (Seriously, the leveling system is about the best thing ever; a really good balance of grind and strategy. Also, it's the very first Game Boy RPG ever. It set the bar pretty damn high) Dragon Warrior Monsters series (Ok, it's a mon game, but...
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    Call of Juarez: The Cartel Irks Texas Police

    Uh, what planet do you live on? A century-old genre of norteño music [] and one of the most popular films of all time [] give the lie to your point here... It's idiotic to maintain that it's fine for these...
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    Which FPS Actually Takes Skill?

    My vote lies solidly with CoD4. MW2 was broken so very, very badly - I managed a 2.0+ career k/d with a minimum of effort (Predator+Harrier+AC130, heyoooo), and I played a lot of objective-based games where I was the only one actually trying to plant the bomb / cap the point / what-have-you...
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    Any tips for a Call of Duty newbie?

    I agree with this point. The counter UAV is like 30 times more useful than the UAV itself. Also, if you're playing anything other than TDM or SND (good on you if you are) you shouldn't worry about getting killed at all. Objective-based games will pretty much always result in a lower K/D than TDM...
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    Challenge: Improve Rock/Paper/Scissors

    I shall reply in the form of haiku: Rock paper scissors Civilization style: why does spearman beat tank? Because tank beats horse And horse kills archer (always) and archer beats spear!