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    Skyrim Weaponry and Stats That's really all that needs to on the matter. Up Magicka and take the spell school perks to halve the costs. Also, see about finding the apprentice guardian stone or even the atronarch. d your mage have the good sense to be born a high elf? PS: Mages...
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    Celebrity Encounters

    Steve Williams and Celesty's old guitarist at a Powerquest gig. Also, bumped into Sabaton before a gig and hang out with Chris from Alestorm afterwards. May lose my dignity soon and just start adding various band dudes on facebook since my he's getting away with it.
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    Were the Ultramarines the right choice for the main chapter of space marines in W40K space marine?

    The protagonist was Ultramarine way back when the first gameplay video had no mention of orcs, featured bullshit "cinemaction" bits, and Matt Ward hadn't even gotten his filthy mits on WHFB Chaos Daemons. Even now, people unfamiliar with the game, aka the majority, haven't had to suffer for Matt...
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    Were the Ultramarines the right choice for the main chapter of space marines in W40K space marine?

    As everyone's said, the Ultramarines are the easiest to relate to for the players, and for the writers to write for. Black Templars would come across a absurd zealots, because they are. Blood Angels would come across as metrosexual italian vampires with huge egos, because they are. Space...
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    These Aren't Your Grandpa's Presidential Portraits

    Bullcrap. Teddy wouldn't need a gun. Gotta say, I do love the Andrew Jackson. Needs is a visor cap, though.
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    New Screens Give Fresh Look at Skyrim's Elves, Orcs and Lizard Folks

    D'awwwwwww. Look at the scraggy mut >.<. I'm also curious about the lack of Altmer and Breton. Mainly altmer, because they looked awful in Oblivion and I wanna see how they... Do whatever they did to make Dumner look so cool... With Altmer.
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    Historical Inaccuracy Corner

    The Rocketeer. George of The Jungle hadn't even been found until some time in the 90s, how was he able to win WWII with a beer powered rocket pack? Also, out of curiosity to all the Escapist's tank buffs, how accurate was Company of Heroes? It'd be nice to know and I'd have no idea where to...
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    Daily Mail Puts Two and Two Together, Gets Gay Spider-Man

    Google "Ultimatum". I'll wait. OT: Meh, it's ultimate. I don't particularly care for that part of the story so let's move onto the other part of the story. The Daily Mail. Meh, it's the Daily Mail.
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    Creatures/Characters You'd Rather Never Fight Ever Again.

    This. A Thousand times this. I was so happy when my paladin got holy freeze and could annihilate anything just by tanking it, then they threw me against a boss who could out-tank me, out DPS a barbarian in addition to the aura and even out-tank the barbarian while he was at it. Cornered. In a...
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    Anon. Op to destroy Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto

    But we've no guarantee that this is a united effort on behalf of anon. Looking at it, I'd go so far as to guess it isn't. Reasons being as follows: 1) "We do not forgive murderers, we do not forget the victims" is a tacky rewrite of "We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us". Anon has...
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    Should Skyrim have a Karma system?

    He expressed a disdain for binary moral alignments so you try to point out a flaw in his perception by accusing him of holding a binary moral alignment view on a subject? Or is there some mind-blowingly sly point that's just gone straight over my head? OT: No. God no. A thousand noes. Karma...
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    Part you hate of a game you love.

    This a hundred times. Some PC players got so tired of it they made a mod to skip it and just give you the stat points and xp. The boss battle against Rosh in SW:JK:JA (Wow, that's a lot of colons). Trapped in an enclosed space with one strong-style lightsaber user and 2 force monkeys...
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    People whose names that seem there parents didn't think over

    Richard Miller. For some obscure reason, they ended up calling him Rex in college. Apparently he reminded them of a dinosaur.
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    That one "thing" that only you know

    "Tell me about your RPG characters." Not a question, granted, but with my spine that hardly matters.
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    Why do I feel... Happy?

    You have a clean slate, and you're old enough and ugly enough to make full use of it... Did I say ugly? I meant wise. That or bi-polar. Bi-polar seems pretty popular at the moment.